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Rocky (Hit The) Road

Ravu, Day 18. The seaplane takes the tribe to the "arcade." Mookie seems to think that this reward will put them right back in it, because nothing cures what ails you like a hot dog. They arrive and are welcomed to "Kava Bowl," which is the arcade at issue. Inside, they find the food and the games. As Lisi explains it, they all pounce on the food first, so that takes precedence. They all eat enthusiastically and toast each other with sandwiches. Rocky says that the amount of food you could shove in your mouth is the only thing on anyone's mind, and that he would have offered a "chill out" to some of those who were stuffing multiple hot dogs into their mouths at the same time -- as we see "Dreamz" doing. It does occur to me that a person could stand to eat hot dogs one at a time. I'm not an expert on avoiding overwhelming your system when you haven't been eating much, but I'm thinking "don't test the diameter of your mouth" would be a good start. The arcade guy comes around and shows them were all the fun stuff is, including the "golf area" where they can play virtual video golf, or whatever you call it. There's even a bowling alley. The members of Ravu enjoy the festivities, and what's great is that since there are only Ravu people here, some of them are guaranteed to win occasionally, provided that they stick to playing each other. Lisi tells us in an interview that this was great for her, because she loves "being around a bunch of boys." And I'd argue with her, except that...I can't really argue with her. Mookie happily interviews that Lisi is just like a guy -- she eats a lot, and you can say anything around her. He even says you can "bump chests" with a girl like that. But he doesn't mean "bump chests" the way that, say, Rocky might. As Lisi plays simulated golf, she says that her status as a woman would make her obviously "the weakest link right there." WHY? God. I don't even hate that opinion as much as I hate the assumed nature of that opinion, you know? It's not because she's a "chick" that Lisi's a weak link; it's because she's a weak link that she's a weak link. I've seen stronger links on a plate of sausage. (Rimshot!) Lisi does think that, in spite of her girl parts and natural weakness, getting to know her has helped the guys to like her more. Hey, maybe they really like to kill ants with hammers.

We briefly visit Earl on Exile Island, which is really boring now that he has no idol to think about. Now, it's pretty much just "sit around." He tells us that he's spent more time on Exile Island than anyone, and that he's decided to start taking reservations on "Earl Island" from tourists. Sign me up, dude. We'll play shuffleboard. He points out that there's an ocean view, "good eats," and so forth. We get a chance to see a really impressive drawing he's put into the wet sand with a stick. Earl has many talents. "Earl Island In Fiji," it reads.

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