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Rocky (Hit The) Road

As for Yau Man, he tells us he feels good -- he's allied with the "very strong and honorable" Earl, and of course, he has the idol. So his priority right now is just making it to the merge. He tells us that he was trying to think about not letting anyone know that he had the idol, after which he says he had "a really evil thought." And what was this really evil thought? He decided to make a fake idol and bury it where the idol is meant to be, so that someone else might find it and think he or she had it, and at least not know that Yau Man had it. He makes an "idol" out of a coconut shell with a face painted on it, and...I'm not sure I think it would fool anyone with six brain cells to rub together, even/especially with the letters "I.I." that Yau Man paints on it just to make sure you know it's...the Immunity Idol. Nevertheless, he's at least making an effort. He wraps his "idol" in a cloth, and as he slips it into his bag, he says to the camera, "There are so many immunity idols running around here!" He's so cute. And then, when Michelle and Stacy are sleeping, Yau Man buries it good and shallow, saying he just hopes someone will wind up with a fake. He explains that the challenge is important, because he's "always a target," even though he has the idol. He hopes he won't have to use it.

We move to the challenge course, where the tribes have already gathered. Jeff asks how they're doing, and then he welcomes Earl back from Exile Island. Jeff takes back immunity from Moto -- it's "back up for grabs!" In today's challenge, one person for each team will act as the "caller," while everybody else is blindfolded. One at a time, the caller will lead people out into an area where there are five skulls hanging free from above. The caller has to guide you through smashing a skull, piñata-style, which will not only splatter paint everywhere (according to the demo clip), but also drop a tied-together pack of tiles. With your blindfold still on, you find the tiles on the ground and take them over to your team's puzzle table, and then run back to the team. When all the tiles have been delivered, the team can take the blindfolds off and run to the table to unscramble the tiles into a two-word phrase. Jeff notes that you are allowed to switch callers if, for some reason, you feel like you need to. Like, for instance, if you put your most annoying person up there first.

The callers are set up to be Michelle and Lisi. I have no idea what the thinking is behind making Lisi the caller for Moto, but I suppose that's the team's decision. Maybe they think she'll find her happy place if they let her do all the yelling. Lisi is leading Alex, and Michelle is leading Stacy. Go! From the beginning, it's fairly clear that Michelle has the gift for caller work, and Lisi does not. Not only that, but Michelle dances around adorably as she yells out things like, "Go forward, go forward, go forward, go forward!" She's like a cheerleader, only with more of a direct purpose. (Oh, keep your saddle shoes on. Don't email me.) Stacy has her tiles on the table in no time, while Alex is now ineffectually swinging his club (heh) menacingly, missing everything as the skull swings in the air. So apparently, he managed to hit it, but not break it, and that's why it's swinging. Lisi basically has him right where he needs to be; it's the swinging that's a problem. She tells him to let the thing stop swinging, but then the skull falls to the ground, so she has to lead him to it and have him smash it there.

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