An Owl In A Thornbush

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We're On A Mission From Caesar

Caesar, meanwhile, is riding at the head of his army with Mark Antony at his side and a marching band of herald trumpets immediately behind. Antony compliments Caesar on his calm demeanor. "I’m glad I appear so," Caesar confesses. Calmly. As if he ever appears anything but. He spots Pullo and the entire Roman treasury crossing a nearby field, but spares that as much attention as he would any other nondescript dirt farmer going about his business. Caesar grows weary of the ominous tune being blasted out behind him, and calls out to his bandleader for "something more cheerful." Paulus Shafferus salutes and obligingly signals his men, who launch into a more triumphant fanfare. And so the third episode in a row ends with Caesar heading back to Rome. I hope it's still there when he arrives.

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