Anger, Tears And Chaos

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It's Not "Show Friends," It's "Show Business"

From the shower, Rupert calls out to the girls that he's not sure whether to do the deep moisturizing treatment before the conditioner or after. Hee. "I've never felt so girly," Jenna remarks. She shows Amber that they both get a red mascara tube (I have the same one) and a bunch of other makeup, all of which appears to be from the Cover Girl line. They also get AquaSmooth makeup. Which, actually, I also have, but that one I find a little pasty. We then see Jenna putting on what is clearly the clear coat on the top of Outlast lip color. (Get it? Outlast?) Which...yeah, I have that, too. Although not in that nasty pink color, bleh. But Outlast in general, I can honestly tell you, is the best thing ever. If you want to be able to drink coffee and have breakfast and talk and not have to touch up your lipstick ever, Outlast is the only way to go. I love that stuff. So Jenna made the right choice, although unless she has some Vaseline to take it off with, it's going to be on her lips for about five days. No, seriously. I have woken up hung over still wearing a nice intact application of Outlast on more occasions than I care to admit.

As Jenna and Amber get massages and facials and cucumbers on their eyes and stuff, they actually are holding hands. Yeesh. I understand friendship, but that's past girly. I think you can actually overload your soft-focus circuitry if you get a massage and a facial while holding someone's hand. How about some Oil of Olay products? Okay, those I don't have. Rupert gets a massage, and says through the hole in the massage table that he "could do the last fifteen days standing on [his] head," so refreshed is he by this reward. Which, you may recall, is his first one ever, unless you count all his other ones. I wouldn't mind seeing him complete the rest of the game standing on his head, though. I'm certainly tired of looking at his mug -- maybe the feet would bug me less.

The rewardees then attend dinner. Among other things, the women have clearly been given little dresses, while Rupert is wearing a shirt and a skirt. Okay. Rupert comments that Amber and Jenna were "dolled up" for dinner. And in Jenna's case, there's really nothing else you can say that works better than "dolled up," because yes, she went a tad overboard on the makeup. And by "a tad," I mean "quite a bit." I don't blame her, though -- she has been letting her skin-care regimen fall a little behind the curve over the last month. "I wanted to kiss and hug them all over," Rupert says. Boundaries, Rupert. Boundaries! Rupert interviews that he has absolute faith in his alliance with Jenna, Rob, Amber, and Big Tom, and that they'll be the five going to the end. "Five! Strong! Solid!" he yells, just like he's the new captain of the Rancho Carne Toros. "We have a five-way strong, no matter what happens," he says to Amber and Jenna at the table. Jenna agrees. Amber is very quiet. She interviews that, obviously, she wasn't able to tell Rupert and Jenna that, in order to stay, she had to promise Kathy and Lex final five with her, Rob, and Big Tom. Now you would think that Rupert and Jenna might perhaps come up with this, since obviously Lex and Kathy thought they were going to get something for their trouble, or they'd have voted off Amber. What do they think was promised in order to secure Amber's survival, anyway? Extra rice?

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