Anger, Tears And Chaos

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It's Not "Show Friends," It's "Show Business"

At Fauxgo Mogo on the morning of Day 26, Rob opens some treemail. He reads it aloud, rather hilariously showing off every nuance of his accent, but the actual poetry itself doesn't tell very much at all today. It's one of the most unenlightening pieces of crappy treemail they've ever produced. Rob and Big Tom can't figure out exactly what it means -- Rob declares that "it don't make sense" -- but they're headed to some kind of an event either way. In a line I totally didn't catch the first time I saw this, Big Tom greets Jeff at the beach for the challenge with "How's it goin', Jeff-ro Bodine?" HA! Jeff notes that the helicopter carrying the rewardees is now returning. It lands, and the product-infused rewardees return to their respective mats. Jeff comments that Amber has had her nails done. I know guys who wouldn't notice that after a week of observation if you waggled your fingers under their noses at every opportunity, so that's one point for the Probst. And, presumably, his attention to detail where vanity is concerned.

Jeff takes immunity back from Rob, and remarks that they're on the former Saboga beach, because "the game is about to change again." He tells them once again to drop their buffs. Time for new buffs, for the second week in a row. Jeff holds up the urn, and the first person to reach in for a new buff is Rob. And what color is the buff? Blue. Sort of a bright aqua blue, more specifically. Merge! Merge merge merge! Everyone hugs, because now everyone is everyone else's best friend. They all sort of dig the blue color as well. Next, Jeff breaks the news that they will not be returning to either of the previous camps. They will instead play the rest of the game right here on the old Saboga beach. Never one to miss out on a possible ironic dig, Jeff mentions that strong tides and storms pretty much wiped away the old Saboga shelter. So if they were counting on living in a big collapsing sand hole, they're just going to have to learn to live with disappointment. The poor ex-Chaperians -- first, they got kicked to Mogo Mogo's dumb camp, and now this. It's like they're knocking two stars off the accommodations every three days. Next, they will be assigned to live inside a vat of tar. Jeff does say, in the Saboga beach's defense, that some wood is still here, the Home Depot box is still here, and some of the Saboga stuff (the cooking pot, for instance) is still around if they rummage for it. Moreover, because nobody is really willing to put these prima donnas to much more of a test, they're being given a bunch of random goodies just because. They're getting two new Hawaiian slings and a tarp, most notably. Jeff then says that they need to get on with building a shelter for themselves, because "the day is already half over." He tells them to get going. There is more hugging. There is more music to accompany hugging.

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