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Wet And Ready, Bro
We cut to a later discussion, on the beach, as Ving swigs from a flask. Nice deflection of the alcoholism accusation there, Ving. A.C. asks if he's got it straight that his parents ruled Atlantis. Ving says that makes him a prince. A.C. is as impressed as I am that he can keep a straight face. A.C. asks if Atlantis has a retractable dome or if they swim around like in a fishbowl. "Don't...mock me," Ving says menacingly. He will END you! Worlds will shatter! Ving acknowledges the absurdity of the situation, but asks if that siren was a joke. A.C. asks why no sonar, sub, or deep-sea probe has ever run into Atlantis. Ving says it's cloaked in a shroud that no modern technology can penetrate. The Shroud of Tuna? Ving adds that it's the Bermuda Triangle. Ving hunkers down to explain more; Aquaman's dad was a man of peace while others wanted to wage war against the surface world. A.C. figures that they must have killed his father for resisting the war. "Now they want me dead, too," he surmises. Ving says that he got them out of Atlantis and brought them to the surface where they'd be safe and where they were discovered by a young Coast Guard Lieutenant. "My dad," A.C. says. "Then he knows?" Ving says that LouDi doesn't, and that his mother tried to keep it all a secret to protect him from his true destiny. And that would be...? "To defend this world you've embraced as your own and protect the ocean from which you were born." Ha! Ving, Ving, Ving. I am so sorry for that line, man. A.C. figured he has to fight sirens and Standard Oil. "Forget it," he says. Yeah, that sounds like a sucky show. He starts to walk off. Ving tells him he can't walk away from this: "It's in your bones -- and you know it." I hope it's not the bones that you sometimes get from a Long John Silvers fillet. I hate those. A.C. says he's just a dive shop owner and not the protector of the seven seas. "Destiny is like a riptide," Ving says. If you think it ages like wine, it don't. "You never know what's pulling you in, until it's too late." Uh...huh...right. And this show just got pulled off by the Undertoad. Close-up on A.C. looking conflicted. A book about sirens. Wow, they look like trouble. Boatgirl has already heard the whole story from A.C. and is trying to digest the bit about how he just fought an evil mermaid and is underwater royalty. I like that this show's not about the hero keeping a million secrets from everybody. It's refreshing. "In a clamshell, yes," A.C. says. Boatgirl jokes that they always look so friendly on the Starbucks cups. I thought I knew Starbucks, but I don't get that joke at all. A.C., wearing an orange muscle shirt, says he didn't believe it either until he was attacked and that the creature is coming back for him. Boatgirl suggests a road trip to the desert with a truckload of Evian. "Eva," he says. Boatgirl has a name? All right. You're "Eva" now. He says that he thinks it's the same creature that attacked his mom, and that he has to face her. Eva figures out that he's serious. He suggests that she close up shop and head out of town for a few days so she won't get caught up in this. "What about you?" Eva asks. A.C., walking away dramatically, says he's taking The Quint to Atlas Point where Ving has weapons. Eva sees clouds and says there's a storm coming anyway and that she'll go visit her sister in Tampa. A.C. apologizes for all the craziness, but Eva smiles, and says being friends with him has always required a leap of faith. She figures someday he'll be able to give her a cool title like, "Duches of the Deep." How about, "Pruned After the Pilot?" A.C. smiles brightly. Is it romance?

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