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Wet And Ready, Bro
A rainy night where a broken fighter jet sits on some sort of base. In a building labeled, "INFIRMARY" our long-lost young soldier awakens with a start. He gets out of bed. Drinks from a glass of water. Appearing behind him is Crazy Siren Chick in human form. She's wearing a weird bikini made mostly of netting. Did the tuna boats almost catch you? She's all wet, too. And she got some makeup from Atlantis, apparently. She tells the dude that she doesn't know how he escaped from Atlantis, but she's glad he led her to Orrin. We don't see the action, but we hear her claws sink into the guy's stomach and then retract. He gasps. Craggy Chris Isaak and Aquachica are walking by the planes in the hangar just outside the infirmary. She's wearing her white uniform. She asks what's going on since she already went over what happened with her commanding officer. Craggy says that he ordered the mission and wanted to debrief her himself. Dude, join the club. She asks whom he works for. "Top dog," he says, "Commander in chief." Arf! He asks about the flash of light she saw before her crash. Aquachica says she was disoriented; she thinks it was a sunflare. He says that she doesn't need to placate him; he won't think she lost her mind. He says she flies over the Bermuda Triangle all the time. She tells him that's just a myth. The Triangle or the flying? He says he used to share that sentiment, and offers to show her what changed that. In a file room, Craggy is showing Aquachica a photo of a dead guy's chest and face. He says that the guy recently boarded an oil rig and tried to blow it up, but he was killed before he could do it. The man, Craggy says, disappeared from the coast of Bermuda in 1905. An older photo shows a well-to-do man on a yacht. Aquachica says that's impossible; it must have been a descendent or somebody who looked like him. Craggy says the fingerprints were a perfect match and then adds that this guy wasn't the first to come back. "From where?" she asks. He says that's what Project Nautilus aims to find out. Wow. Stellar name there. Sure you don't want to call it Project Fishsticks? He wants her to join them in unlocking the secrets of The Bermuda Triangle. Next on Discovery HD! She reminds Craggy that she's just a pilot. Like everything around her being filmed. He says she has more experience in this than any of them: she witnessed something extraordinary and lived to tell the tale. He doesn't think mechanical failure could have taken out a pilot of her caliber. It would take a network executive. Aquachica says that she wants to do her job, not chase windmills. In the ocean. It's a sorta metaphor, see.... He gets annoyed and says it's not a fool's crusade, it's a matter of national security. We don't want illegal fish aliens speaking their bubbly language taking all our lifeguard jobs! He turns on some lights to reveal a huge warehouse of boxes and says these are all photos of people who've disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in an invisible war where Tempest Key is the fault line. Aquachica is freaked out. Craggy's cell phone rings. Silence. "I'll be right there," he says finally. Uh oh. He asks Aquachica to follow so she'll see how real all this is.

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