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Broken Family Tree

Henry takes them to where their super-secret society used to meet in a shopping center. The symbol is still on the door, but the door now opens to a comic book store. Henry is trying hard to delude himself into thinking that it's just a disguise, to keep their enemies from knowing about them. Dean's getting fed up with it all. He and Gramps get into a pissing match about the Men of Letters and the hunters. Henry says they have an "unthinking, unwashed, shoot first and don't bother to ask questions later" way of doing things. That's just unfair. These particular hunters obviously take regular trips to the spa and hair salons. Henry is sad that they and their father didn't end up as Men of Letters like their grandpa and great-grandpa. "We're preceptors, beholders, chroniclers of all which man does not understand," he says. "We share our knowledge with a few, trusted hunters - the very elite. They do the rest." Dean thinks about this for a second and asks, "So you're the Yodas to our Jedis?" Fool, why do you think a man from 1958 would get your Star Wars refs? Indeed, Henry just gives him a confused look. Sam wonders why nobody has ever heard of the Men of Letters. Henry explains that the show's writers only recently came up with the idea. Or maybe he blames it on Abaddon.

Henry heads into the shop and is immediately horrified by the grungy appearance and garish art on the walls. Sam and Dean trail after him. "Henry, why'd she do it?" Sam asks. "I think for this," he says, showing them the little box. He has no idea what it is, though, because Abaddon killed everyone before he could complete his initiation and be told what it all meant. "Hand me your walkie-talkie," he says. Sam gives him his phone. "Operator, give me Delta-457," he says at the phone. He knows even less about cell phones than Castiel. He's trying to reach their "emergency number," but instead of trying to find out if there's an updated number, like, without words in it, they just give up and move on to the next thing. They make their way up to the counter, which is being manned by a young woman wearing a spiked collar . She lets them borrow her computer to look up any surviving members. While Sam and Henry are busy with that, Sam and spiky girl make eyes at each other. He tunes back into the search just in time to hear them mention someone named Albert Magnus. Everyone else seems to have died in the club that night.

They arrive at a weedy cemetery in the middle of the night. "There's your buddy, Albert Magnus," Dean says, pointing to one of the tombstones. "Albertus Magnus was hardly a buddy," Henry says. "He was the greatest alchemist of the Middle Ages." Once again, they have a car ride where they don't discuss things. Obviously this is for the viewer's benefit, but it's still weird. The Men of Letters would use the name as an alias when going incognito, Henry explains. He thinks the name was planted in the article they looked up, to lead someone there. There's a hexagram on the stone, which Henry calls the Aquarian Star. "They say it stood at the gates of Atlantis itself," he says. Sam notices that all the graves have the symbol except for one, which instead bears the Haitian symbol for speaking to the dead. "You boys ever exhume a dead body?" he asks. Sam and Dean just look at each other.

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