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Astral Monkey

Piper and Leo enter the room. Prue expositions about the monkey on the movie set. Leo and Piper are skeptical. Prue notes that the monkey waved at her like it knew her or wanted her help. Phoebe baby voices, "Honee, I tink oo workeen way too hart." Piper smirks and suggests to Prue, "Perhaps what you saw was one of the monkeys that just flew out of my ass." Actually, she turns to Leo and asks him if he has any input about Prue's chimp sighting. Leo thinks that the chimp visitation could only happen if the monkey was "sharing the same power as Prue. That's the way it found [her]. Magic to magic." Prue is perplexed; she has her power. How could a monkey have obtained it? Phoebe wonders if this is "possible." Leo states that after almost two seasons of plot contrivances, general inanity, poor continuity, and slip-shod execution of substandard scripts, just about anything is possible. Piper brings up Prue's detail about the hospital wristband the chimp was wearing. Prue describes it. Piper picks Dr. W's letter out of the trash and shows Prue the hospital logo on the letterhead. They have a match. Piper expositions about Dr. W's harassment to Prue. She thinks he might have found out about the Halliwell powers. Prue looks at Phoebe and declares, "BoS." Prue books to the attic. Pheebs thinks for a second, repeats. "BoS," then realizes that Prue is POSSIBLY SHOUTING OUT TO OWEN AT MBTV. She heads to the attic also. Then Leo is paged by God. He kisses Piper goodbye and orbs off.

Hospital. Dr. Williamson's sister's room. Dr. W is very pasty and perspiration-soaked. His policeman brother-in-law is in the room, expressing rage over his wife's need for a kidney donor for a transplant, stat. Then he harangues about those non-sequitur "guilty" criminal scumbags who are all the time getting "released on technicalities." The "Who's Wound Tighter?" competition is put on hold when Dr. W touches his brother-in-law and has a Phoebe-esque B&W psychic vision of the B-I-L's cardiac arrest that's just moments away. Dr. W tells a nurse menial to get a "crash team." She gapes at him, but follows his orders anyway. Then B-I-L has a heart attack. The crash team rescues him. Dr. W goes to his unconscious sister's bedside and informs her that he will "save" her as well.

"The truth" anti-smoking ads for teens. And I used to think Joe Camel was uncool.

Hospital. The Halliwells walk into Dr. W's lab like they own the place. They see that the room is in major disarray. Phoebe: "Wow! What a mess." Prue: "Word. Why don't you and I take a load off while Piper straightens up?" Actually, she remains quiet until she sees the chimps on the other side of the room. Prue identifies one of the monkeys as Astral ChimpanPrue. (She's also assisted by the chimp's being in a cage labeled "Prue" in big block letters, and the simian's frantic waving at her.) Phoebe: "It looks like she knows you." Prue: "It looks like they know all of us." Piper notices that the monkeys have been named after them. Phoebe thinks this is "really scary." The Ps go through Dr. W's notes to see if there's any material that might expose their identities as witches. As they discover Dr. W's research into a "universal antibody" through the use of Halliwell blood, chimpanPrue floats a banana over to her cage. But a jealous chimpanPiper freezes the banana out of reach of the other monkey. Prue: "It's safe to say that Dr Williamson knows about us." Phoebe realizes that their blood was injected into the monkeys. The banana unfreezes and drops to the ground. Prue tells the docile Ps that they need to get the chimps out of the lab before "everyone finds out about [them]." The Ps unlock the cages. As Phoebe holds chimpanPheebs, she gets a psychic vision of Dr. W TKing the bottles of blood against the wall. She informs her sisters that Dr. W not only "knows about [their] powers, but has one of them." Piper remembers the stupid press conference scene in "Awakened," and realizes that Dr. W might get the CDC and the press involved again. Piper reasons, "If we don't stop him, the monkeys won't be the only ones in cages." The Ps look pensive. As does Owen. A "Witches in Prison" episode of Charmed? If it's anything like the time that Sabrina, Jill, and Kelly had to break out of that Louisiana penitentiary/potato farm, he's there.

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