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Enterprise. Trip and Soval plot to get through the Vulcan sensor net over The Geordi. Trip wonders why Soval is helping them, considering he's never acted like he gives two shits for humans. "I lived on Earth for more than thirty years, Commander," Soval admits. "In that time I developed an affinity for your world and its people." Trip looks impressed: "You did a pretty good job of hidin' it." "Thank you," Soval intones. Trip grins in disbelief. May-Leopard-Skin-Pillbox-Hat comms that they should be ready within the hour. Down in a launch bay we can see welders welding stuff on what looks like a small vessel. Trip asks about helm control. "I've rigged up a stick and rudder system. It'll get us where we want to go but I can't promise a smooth ride," May-Temporarily-Like-Achilles says. I can't do justice to Montgomery's delivery here. It's like he's so excited to finally get lines that he puts everything into these few words. He's so happy. It's so sad. "Jes' don' tell Malcolm about that part until yer underway," Trip suggests, leaning one hand against the console. Trip is simply awesome as the captain. Maybe Quantum will go off on a little religious evangelical trip where maybe he goes spreading Surak's word in a Ford van, and Trip will have to take over the ship for good. Maybe.

The Geordi. T'Pol sits cross-legged on the floor of the cavern as she gives Quantum a little Vulcan history lesson, "Centuries ago, a set of katric arks were found at the P'Jem monastery." And then some Nazis opened them and their faces, including their glasses, melted off. T'Pol explains that, allegedly, the poly-crystalline vessels were used to store old katras, along with prom photos and dried corsages. T'Pol says that the vessels were analyzed and that one scientist even tried to meld with one them -- which just projects the most hysterical vision in my head -- but in the end, they found nothing. "The Vulcan Science Academy was just as skeptical about time travel," Quantum points out. Oh, let's not even go near any territory in which Daniels could be summoned. T'Pol leans forward and asks, "Do you really believe that you possess the living spirit of Surak inside of you -- a man who died eighteen hundred years ago." Quantum grins, "Not when you put it like that." T'Pol's logical explanation is that Quantum inherited the Chuckling Vulcan's thought residue. "So, I'm suffering from a mind-meld hangover?" Quantum asks. I've got a great cure for that -- it involves a raw egg, cognac, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and you cutting your own head off. T'Pol wouldn't put it quite like that, but that's the gist. Quantum thinks it's more than residue because he's not just seeing Surak, he can also swear he's been in the sanctuary before: "It's like coming back to the house you grew up in." Hmm, is everything smaller than you remember? T'Pol points out that the Chuckling Vulcan spent a lot of time there. Quantum rants, "Let's say you're right and it was just a mind-meld, he still put something inside my head and I want to take out." We all do, Quantum. We all do. I have to say that Bakula delivered the last half of that line with quite believable pain mixed with pleading. It was a wonderful change from the usual "chip off the old block of constipated wood" delivery. "That may not be possible," T'Pol reveals.

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