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Back in Sydney's house, she looks at her wedding picture. Husband says they've been married for four years now. Alvie walks in the room with a bunch of possible toxins he found in the house, because that's a good idea. He's well trained in what to look for and totally reliable, after all. Sydney finds a picture of herself holding a surfboard and smiles. She thinks it's pretty cool that she surfs. Well, yeah. Who wouldn't? Surfing is much cooler than running. Although I wouldn't recommend surfing in New Jersey and its pollution-filled beaches. And don't you email me about how your beaches aren't polluted anymore, New Jersey people! I don't want to hear it. I grew up in Connecticut and I had to go to Rhode Island and Cape Cod if I wanted to enjoy the beach because our state's beaches were too full of pollution from New Jersey, brought to us by those asshole ocean currents. And one time when I was 9 I did swim in a Connecticut ocean and I got a weird rash on my legs the next day so it's ALL TRUE. I hold a grudge. Anyway, the husband says Sydney stopped surfing before they met because she was "too busy."

House, Alvie, Sydney, and the husband leave the house to go back to PPTH. Sydney suddenly falls down, saying her foot just "went numb." Alvie notices the important details: she also pissed herself. House says she's having complex partial seizures, and this rules out environmental toxins. Before he can say more, Nolan interrupts to say the seizure diagnosis is the second one House came up with that has a "personal resonance." Yeah, well, at this point hasn't House been through the medical wringer so almost every diagnosis would have a "personal resonance" for him? Nolan says House was "fixated" on Sydney's illness being caused by a "harmful toxin from her past," which he thinks is because House is worried about a "harmful toxin" from his own past, so now he's going on about seizure disorders, which would most likely be caused by an old brain injury. Thus, Nolan says, House sees his own past as "a threat." I am not following Nolan here. Especially since most of House's patients' illnesses are inevitably caused by something in their past. Nolan would know that if he listened instead of interrupting all the time.

House responds that he's so not threatened by his past that he went to the pawn shop to buy his stuff back. While he argues with the guy behind the counter over an extra notch in his coffee table, Alvie fetches all of the pawned items except for one book, which has already been sold. Wait, what? Don't those stores have to keep your items for a certain amount of time so you can buy them back? Alvie only pawned that stuff, like, a day or two ago. House demands to know who the book was sold to, but the pawn guy says it's confidential. And then he charges House $500 to get his crap back. House hands over his credit card. Yeah, that's smart, pawn shop guy: take the credit card of a man who apparently had to pawn off his own possessions for quick cash. Why not take a personal check? Nolan asks House why he wants his stuff back so badly. House points out that most people don't like it when their belongings are taken from them. Nolan says they still don't pay five times what they're worth to get them back. Why doesn't House just say the stuff was stolen from his apartment and sold without his knowledge, which it was? Then I think he can get it all back for free. Even the book that was already sold. House then makes the mistake of muttering about how he likes his stuff so much that he gets mad when Wilson moves it. Nolan perks up at the mention of Wilson, causing House to yell "THIS IS NOT ABOUT WILSON!" while pounding his fist on the table. Awkward silence as House waits for Nolan to brag about how he was totally right, but Nolan just pours himself a glass of water.

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