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Then we're back at House's apartment, where he's playing football indoors with Alvie and playing some music. Can House even throw a spiral? Hugh Laurie might be too English. Their fun is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Wilson. He starts to talk, and then we skip ahead to House and Alvie playing football again. Nolan interrupts, asking what Wilson wanted and also if House really thought he could get away with mentioning that Wilson stopped by without having to provide further details. House shrugs that Wilson just wanted to make sure he was okay after he noticed House hadn't been at work all day. Which is probably what House wanted and why he was so intent on avoiding Wilson in the first place. He wanted to make him worry to get back at him for kicking him out. Anyway, Alvie has to stop the game when his necklace breaks. He says it's his dead mother's necklace and the only thing he has left from her. And it's that easily broken but he's managed to hold onto it through all of his manic episodes? Impressive. House doesn't care about that, and changes the subject to the immigration hearing he set up for Alvie. Nolan asks why House would say he didn't care about Alvie's emotions, but then do something to try to help him. House denies caring about Alvie, saying he only cared for him for the "eight seconds" it took to schedule the immigration hearing. Um, what about the hour he was no doubt placed on hold after like three hours of having his call forwarded to 50 different departments before he finally got to someone who could do something for him? Don't try to tell me that it only takes 8 seconds to call a government office about anything.

With that, House gets a call from Taub bitching about how they haven't been able to replicate Sydney's seizures after twelve hours of trying. House recommends a strobe light and stress. Taub says they have that last one pretty well covered already. He holds the phone up to the hospital room, where Sydney and her husband are not getting along. Way to forget your manners along with everything else, Sydney, and bring your personal issues out in public. Sydney asks her husband when they ever have fun, as it sounds like all she does is work. Husband says she runs. Sydney says that also counts as work. That's right, Amnesia Sydney! Running does suck. Taub says Sydney's personality appears to be returning to its "natural state" without the benefit of the life experiences that changed it into who she is (or was) today. House explains to Nolan that Sydney's brother died in car accident when she was in college, causing her to decide to make her life meaningful and become a lawyer. And then get rich with class action lawsuits that help the lawyers more than any of the plaintiffs? That certainly is meaningful! "The thing that caused the change is gone, so the change itself is gone," Nolan says. But doesn't House always like to tell us that people don't ever really change? It seems to me like Sydney did until she happened to get a very rare case of total amnesia. House wants Nolan's theories on the psychological aspects of the case, but he refuses, asking House to give his theories instead. House says he thinks Sydney is bored by her husband. Nolan thinks it's more than that -- Sydney and her husband aren't "on the same page," just like House and Nolan. Sydney's husband sees her as the woman he's been married to for four years and treats her as such. Sydney sees him as a complete stranger and resents his assumed familiarity with her. The more she pulls away, the more desperate he gets and the stronger he comes on to her, which just makes her pull away from him even more. Doesn't Sydney have parents or friends, by the way? She's been there for 12 hours now and only her husband has visited? And then Sydney can't breathe.

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