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Good Luck in Atlanta, Douche
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Previously: After their hot duet at the Ryman, Marshall Evans proposed a Rayna Jaymes / Juliette Barnes co-headlining tour, and Rayna didn't say no. Scarlett and Gunnar kissed and, in related news, Hailey dumped Gunnar. Peggy overdosed on sleeping pills (but sadly did not die), and Teddy was forced to tell Rayna that they didn't have an affair, they just embezzled some money together. A big rock band named The Revel Kings asked Deacon to play guitar for them, and Juliette proposed to Sean so a) he'd finally sleep with her; b) she could stick it to his nasty mom.

We enter with Rayna in the studio, recording her part on "Wrong Song." In happy news, Connie Britton has really improved vocally over the break! Good for her, and us, really. Liam has noticed as well, and is digging it. Bucky and Glen are also in the sound booth rocking out, and Liam happily informs Rayna that she nailed the track. Juliette doesn't have a chance to do the same thing because she still hasn't shown up yet. Her absence gives Liam an opportunity to say that the whole tour is a very bad idea. Glen apologizes and says this is really unlike Juliette, and everyone is all, "HAHALOL."

So where is Juliette, you may wonder? She's banging Sean in the back of a limo. He can't believe they just "did that," and she enthusiastically says it was worth the wait. But Sean is talking about their rash nuptials. All Juliette can say to that is, "That was nice." That's only one small step down from calling the whole experience "neat." He wonders when they should tell people. She asks, "Like our managers?" but he means their parents. A match fated by the heavens, these two! Juliette wants to have sex with Sean again to avoid talking about this any more, but she's interrupted by a phone call reminder her she was supposed to be in the studio with Rayna. What a wedding night! But the studio version of "Wrong Song" promises to be a much bigger hit than even the live version and if Juliette is going to eschew sex for anything, it's money.

Cut to Scarlett and Gunnar, who are at the publishing house late at night trying to work out a song. They've been going for four hours without much success, which gives Gunnar a bonus chance to be a prick. He doesn't like the lyrics that Scarlett is proposing, and decides to go home. She reminds them that they need three new songs and have absolutely zip, but he tells her that it's pretty hard to write a song without any decent lyrics. Scarlett wonders why Gunnar is being such a walloping ass, and he just shakes his head in response, bile forming in his soul patch. Then SHE decides to leave, which makes him mad for no good reason. She mentions that she has to meet Avery in the morning, but it's not because they're back together -- he's moving out and giving her the keys to their place. Scarlett runs into Hailey on her way out the door, just to give Gunnar something extra to pout about.

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