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Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Dumb

As Morgan prepares dinner, Andrew interviews that he thinks the people at risk of being voted off are Ryan for slacking, Nicole for being a bitch, and Lill for...well, for being over female and fully dressed, I guess.

Next thing you know, it's time to row to tribal council. Ryan took some heat from the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters for allegedly rowing the wrong direction here, but I think he's actually just out of rhythm at first. They're all putting their oars in the water ahead of them, so I think he was just off-rhythm, not actually rowing against the team. At Tribal Council Island, the tribe members climb a long set of stairs and makes their way to the usual firepit-centered tribal council set. Andrew is looking particularly dapper in his suit jacket and boxer shorts, I would point out. Looks like a nice outfit for a particularly rushed walk of shame, if you ask me. Peachy tells them all that they can grab a torch and light it. Blah blah blah, fire represents life, blah blah blah. They sit.

First, Peachy wants to ask about the nakedness. He seems to find it particularly bad because they lost, which I kind of don't understand. Win,'re still naked. Peachy asks them if they have regrets, and Osten quickly says that there are no regrets. It's time to move on. With clothes on, one hopes. Peachy asks Ryan O. how things have been for him. He says that everybody's been great, and while he can handle the lack of food, he's struggling with the lack of water. Andrew, on the other hand, says that water hasn't been a problem for him -- sleep has been a problem. He claims not to have gotten more than forty-five minutes of sleep the entire time, and when Peachy asks him why that is, he explains that when they rebuilt the shelter, they built themselves a very uncomfortable platform to sleep on. Peachy turns to Lill and gives her a chance to give her troop back home a shout-out. He asks her whether her scout training has been helpful, and she says that it has. Not only has her substantive training been good, but she's also patient, because of her experience working with "children." "I'm patient," she says gamely, hoping that this will not be her Survivor epitaph.

Peachy now moves the conversation to the topic of "friendships." He turns to Nicole, because he's petty that way, which is one of his first good qualities. Nicole speaks cryptically about people having more than one side to their personalities, and we get a shot of Osten barely holding back from giving her a huge raspberry right in the face. Peachy asks if there are any leaders, and Lill pins the target to Andrew. She says that Andrew's ability to listen to the entire team is his best quality as a leader -- something she learned in Scouts, no doubt. Peachy now turns to the newly-appointed bigwig himself and asks Andrew whether anyone isn't pulling his weight. Andrew, without flinching, names Ryan S., accusing him of lagging during the challenge. "He didn't wake up and show me the passion that we needed," Andrew says, slipping seamlessly from the leadership role the team asked for -- which was basically coordinating efforts so they don't fight -- to the one most likely to cause people to hate him, which is acting as the judge of people's value. Peachy asks Skinny Ryan whether he's been pulling his weight. Ryan says he thinks he has, and that he thinks reports of his slacking during the challenge are greatly exaggerated. I have to say, I do, too. I think he suffered during the challenge from that phenomenon where there are so many people on top of a task that you don't really know what to do without getting in everybody's way and it winds up looking like you're not doing anything, but at the end, he was obviously going all-out trying to drag the cannon in the sand, so I think Andrew is basically full of crap here. Ryan acknowledges that there's not a whole lot he can do about it if other people choose to think of him as a slacker.

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