Beg, Barter, Steal

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Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle Of Dumb

Time to begin the voting. Peachy sends Nicole to vote first. She votes for Ryan S. "Ryan S.," she says earnestly into the camera, "I'm voting for you because you're the only person I know other people are planning to vote for." Next to vote is Darrah, and then Andrew, and then Tijuana, who votes for Nicole. Her camera-talk calls out Nicole's efforts to boot her, and says that she fortunately found out in time and put a stop to it. Ryan O. votes. Osten votes. Ryan S. votes. Lill votes. Peachy says that he'll go off and "tally" the eight votes. Oh, how I love that. I wonder if he can do it without taking his shoes and socks off. A very worried-looking Ryan S. awaits the results.

Peachy returns. First vote goes to Nicole. Second vote goes to Ryan. Third, fourth, and fifth go to Nicole, so she gets the dubious honor of being the first bootee. She takes her torch over to Peachy, who executes her in the smarmy and ridiculous manner to which we have all become so very accustomed. Nicole tank-walks, Jen Lindley-style, down the walkway away from tribal council. Peachy delivers a stern lecture to the rest of the group about the fact that, clearly, some of them thought their numbers might be up. Never give up, he Gippers: "You are not out of this game until your torch is snuffed."


Next week: Shawn ticks off Rupert. Rupert yells. Someone at Morgan wants to go home. Andrew flexes. Undoubtedly, there are pirate references. Don't miss a minute of the treasure chest of goodness and misery.

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