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We open with ironically jaunty music playing as some creepy guy with hair like George McFly is straightening the clothes on what appears to be three mannequins, who are dressed for an afternoon at a country club in the fifties. The creepy guy says, "Goodness gracious!" before remarking on what a nice day it is to be outside, and since we're on one of Fox's least-expensive indoor sets, we know this guy is cracked, but just how cracked only becomes clear when a bead of sweat runs down one of the "mannequin"'s foreheads -- these are actually real women he's apparently tranquilized in order to place them in this creepily wholesome tableau, and I definitely give credit to the makeup and lighting efforts for making the women look so plastic. Noticing the girl start to crawl away, he berates "Aunt Sheila" for abandoning the game, and injects her with more of the drug he's using and then starts to drag her back toward the others. Unfortunately, he neglects to retrieve the hypo (and convenient that there was still some of the drug left in it, I suppose), and "Aunt Sheila" has just the wherewithal to grab it and inject the guy in his Achilles tendon. Unfortunately, this causes the doofus to pick up one of the croquet mallets and brain her with it while whining, "This is not how we play the game!" If it were, I bet croquet would be a lot more popular. He murmurs that "they" now have to find a new Aunt Sheila...

...and then he's out on the street, dazedly checking out women as they walk by. He sees one across the street that apparently fits the bill, but when he starts to cross, a car hits him and pitches him off the windshield and back down onto the street. And while I couldn't see the license plate, I'd lay odds that the driver was not from around there, because if you're not used to avoiding pedestrians who walk like cars are ethereal objects that could never actually do them bodily harm, you haven't lived in L.A. for more than five minutes. Credits.

When we return, we start on one of the evening's subplots I will be skipping through, as Ballard finds Echo in the shower and can't help checking her out, and thus is barely able to remember to send her for a treatment, so diminished does the blood flow to his brain suddenly become. Next!

Downstairs, Adelle and Boyd have a discussion about whether Claire disappeared or merely left, and since you can guess who's on what side and it also is barely above the "Did not/Did too" level of discourse, let's move ahead to where Victor, in a fetching black tank top, hears them mention "Dr. Saunders" and says there's a man in the infirmary who's "not his best," and Claire maybe could help him...

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