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The three women finally escape the cage, only to have Echo show up and clock one of them in the face with that damn mallet. She starts speechifying about her family, but while this kind of stuff was bad coming from Terry, it's positively painful coming from Terry-in-Echo, so let's move ahead to where something starts to glitch, and eventually, just as she's about to brain the remaining conscious sister, she stops and asks, "Did I fall asleep?" If you've been watching this subplot up to this point, I'd bet on it.

Back at the lab, Topher's still technobabbling, and then Ballard comes in with Victor still attached to him, which causes Adelle's eyes to go amusingly wide: "I see you've made a friend." Hee. And: Jealous? Ballard just takes the whole thing in amused stride, and then Topher gets the power back on and locates Echo in Beverly Hills...

...and then Echo tells the women that Terry is still inside her, so they need to kill her. No, it doesn't make any sense that they couldn't tie her up or incapacitate her or do something other than kill her, and even though I give the one sister credit for being like "Sure thing!" and starting to beat her brains in with the mallet, we know that Echo is not going to die, so there's really zero tension in a scene that lasts three seconds short of forever, although I will point out that this time, getting clocked in the face didn't cause her past personalities to start popping up like they're on shuffle because it wasn't needed for the plot. Ugh. Anyway, just as the mother is going to clock her with what the show wants us to believe is the death blow, the Dollhouse people turn up and Ballard takes Echo for a treatment. Well, that was worth our time.

Later, back at the Dollhouse, Ballard is standing over the real Terry when Adelle enters: "I rather like him this way." Ballard admits that he failed to really get into Terry's head, and when Adelle tells him Bradley is having him transferred back to the hospital that afternoon, he asks if she thinks he'll ever wake up again. Adelle: "Wouldn't it be nice if he didn't." Oh, just kill him, you two. If Chase could murder a man on House, you can do it here.

Out in the atrium, Echo sees Ballard and joins him, saying she thinks Terry dreams, but Ballard responds, "Not anymore." He leaves, and after regarding Terry for three thousand years, Echo is like, "Goodness gracious!" So... now she's keeping the personality from the imprint, but isn't aware of it? We're just going backward to how every single episode of last season ended? You have got to be fucking kidding me, show. We're off next week because of the baseball playoffs, but in two weeks we get the origins of Sierra (with Vincent Ventresca returning) and in three weeks Summer Glau joins the cast. I can only hope those two episodes are a massive improvement.

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