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...and we cut over to Adelle and Boyd entering to find Topher already inside. If he's the new medic, that's a pretty precipitous drop in the bedside manner of the position. Adelle asks how "the patient" is, and Topher replies that he's not complaining, which is the cue to cut over to see the creepy dude in bed, seemingly in a coma. Also, he's wearing something on his head that I believe is a net of electrodes, given Topher's comment that he's mapping the guy's "neural landscape," but looks like a leaky bathing cap or some sort of failed arts and crafts experiment. It's still preferable to his hairstyle, though. Adelle asks if his current condition is reversible, and Topher gives a technobabbly answer that amounts to "maybe" but is also an excuse for him to throw in "man-reaction," and that was only funny the first time because of his discomfort in talking to Claire about such things, so let it go, show. Boyd then asks Adelle if they really want to revive the guy at all, and they get into a frankly tiresome and irrelevant discussion that's only saved when she says the guy was involved in a "minor matter" that's been since "resolved," and at Boyd's questioning of her terminology, admits that the judge was bought off, and then petulantly adds, "There is no need to continue to translate me." Hee. Boyd gives a "fair enough" smile in response, and then Adelle gets to the truth of the matter, which is that the guy is there because his uncle is a valued client and a major Rossum shareholder, so if they can help him, they do it. Not that she's going to stick to that opinion once she has the whole truth, but at least she said it clearly enough that no translation was needed. She leaves, and Boyd starts to follow, but just then the brain mapping finishes, and the result on the screen gets an "Uh oh" from Topher. I'd make a comment about that if Boyd weren't going to do it for me soon enough.

Ivy is going over Echo's new assignment with Ballard, and she tells him that the client is a "liberal arts" professor, which (a) way to be specific there, and (b) is he robbing banks on the side to pay the Dollhouse's fees, or is this their pro bono contribution to the world of academia? Anyway, Ballard is displeased to hear that it's a romantic assignment: "She's the sex fantasy of some egghead academic who can't get one of his real students to sleep with him." Sounds true enough to me, although your moral high ground would be less shaky if you weren't just cleaning the shower floor with your tongue a few minutes ago. Echo comes out of the chair, and we'll be skipping ahead yet again, as all you need to know is that this professor's fantasy girl, "Kiki," is a completely empty-headed bimbo who likes to dance and shop, and also, Eliza Dushku is completely incapable of playing a remotely convincing girly-girl. Next!

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