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Victor continues to complain to the air until Ballard finally arrives and, having no one who might challenge him for it, opts for the Bad Cop role as he asks "Terry" why he's got traces of a veterinary-grade paralytic in his system. Instead of trying to claim that someone slipped him Special K without his consent, "Terry" grandly tells him he wants a lawyer, but his confidence wanes when Ballard informs him that he gets nothing -- no lawyer, no phone call, no rights -- because he's not even a cop, and they're not even in a department. "And I'm the guy you're not talking to." Given where the real Terry actually is, that's a cleverer line than I'm sure Ballard intended. Probably happens a fair amount. Ballard lays out the photographs of the missing women, and after "Terry" denies any knowledge of them, Ballard lets us know that they're meant to represent his mother, aunt, and two sisters, and his confrontational manner gets Bradley, who's still up in the office, worried, as he says this is the wrong approach. "['Terry'] needs to know you're on his side." Well, it's not too late to send a Good Cop in, except Boyd as we know is out on assignment, and I don't think Topher qualifies for a variety of reasons. Adelle does not want to hear any of this, and has Topher escort Bradley down to visit the real and comatose Terry, which should be fun for all concerned. I somehow picture Topher on the elevator ride down asking Bradley, "So, do you like... stuff?"

Ballard is continuing not to be on Terry's side as he says he figured this recreation game meant he must have killed his family, so he was surprised to learn they're still alive. Well, I doubt Bradley would have been so concerned about protecting the family from embarrassment if they were all, you know, dead. Ballard goes on that "Terry" is weird, but not special; at some point he decided real people weren't worth the effort, so he surrounded himself with "the fakes, the copies," to make it seem like he had some control, and Adelle is watching this all in her office completely enraptured, like, I think Ballard's hot too but I'd just as soon turn the sound off that hear him engage in "profiling." Turns out, though, or at least I'm guessing, that Adelle was watching so intently because she knew what was coming, which is that Ballard picks up one of those portable computer screens and shows "Terry" a picture of his real self, asking if that looks like someone in control. "Terry" says "Goodness gracious" again, and at this point I think even Kiki would have picked up that that's his catchphrase, so how about mixing in a "My land!" next time?

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