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When we return, "Terry" is shocked at his situation, even though (a) it seems convenient that he wouldn't know about Dolls, given that his uncle with whom he's supposedly so close is such a prolific client, and (b) HOW CAN HE NOT FEEL THAT SOMETHING'S DIFFERENT ABOUT HIS BODY? Sorry, I know I promised to let that second one go, but part of selling a ridiculous concept like that of this show is that the internal logic make sense, and it's been failing hard this season. And while I'm at it, the show seems to want to show a parallel between Terry's actions and those of Dollhouse clients, but (a) it fails really to make any kind of statement in doing so, and (b) given the uncle's knowledge of his proclivities, why wouldn't he just have set him up as a Dollhouse client himself? Precautions could have been taken so that no Actives would die, and the family members could have been programmed in such a way to give Terry that elusive good day he's after. Anyway, "Terry" then sees his uncle visiting his real body and seems to feel betrayed that he apparently signed off on the situation he's now in, and this prompts him to point out the picture of the girl he bashed through a wicket earlier and say that it's her fault and women aren't nice and they just ruin things when all you want to do is have them sit around completely immobile while you mince around at a croquet party and they are just whores, the lot of them...

...which leads to another call-and-response that I won't be recapping, and the same goes for the "literary" "discussion" between "Kiki" and the "liberal arts" "professor," which are intercut with more silly ramblings from "Terry," and all you need to know is that the "point" is that women have all the power in relationships, which threatens "Terry," but he thinks he can fix the situation if he can find a new Aunt Sheila...

...which leads Ballard to enter Adelle's office and tell her it seems Terry killed the last Aunt Sheila, and he didn't think he'd cross that line (again showing why making him a Dollhouse client would have solved all of this), but she apparently fought back, which explains the drug in his system. They have an enjoyable moment when Ballard compliments Adelle on sending the uncle down, and she smiles that she knew what he had planned, "and I thought it might add a touch of pathos." Plus, at Ballard's query, she confesses she couldn't stand the uncle. Hee. Interactions like this between non-Echo characters just show me how much the show is wasting its potential -- it's showcasing a character that's not all that interesting and an actor who can't bring anything special to overcome the many flaws in the writing. I still like Eliza and wouldn't necessarily want to see her go, but her character should not be dominating the proceedings. I mean, too late to do anything about it now, I guess, but it's no exaggeration to say her character has consistently interested me the least of anyone on the show with a recurring role or better. Anyway, Adelle gets an urgent phone call...

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