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...and then she and Ballard are rushing into the infirmary, where they discover it was made to look like Terry went into cardiac arrest, but in point of fact, someone tampered with the main lead in order to set off the alarms, and by the way, Bradley's gone...

...and he took "Terry" with him. Adelle calls Bradley in his car, but he tells "Addy" that they tried it her way (not for very long, I'd point out) and he's just going to have a little chat with his nephew. Of course, it's not five seconds before "Terry" reaches over and smashes his uncle's head into the steering wheel, but he was at least right about the brevity of the chat if not its tone. They crash into a parked car, but "Terry" walks off unscathed, which is why they made a big show of letting us see him put his seat belt on, I suppose. And not that I wanted to see anything happen to Victor, but it certainly would have been a surprise for "Terry" to get an airbag in the face, no?

Back at the Dollhouse, despite everything that's happened, Adelle is triumphant, saying that if "Terry" actually is going to return to his victims, the GPS tag implanted in Victor will lead them straight to him. You'd think she'd be wary of claiming victory in this manner because (a) it's only Minute 35, and (b) nothing goes right in the place, like, ever...

...and now is no exception, because as it turns out, in order to do the facial reconstruction on Victor to fix the scars Alpha gave him, the tag had to be removed, and Claire wasn't around to sign off on having it put back in, so it kind of got overlooked. Adelle asks if the upshot is that they're imprinted an Active to be a serial killer and let him loose on the streets, and I'd say yes but also would point out that they still haven't explained how he got out of the building. I mean, even if all the guards were distracted, which seems ridiculous, I was under the impression you needed authorization to operate the elevators, like you do in, say, any office building with decent security, much less THE GODDAMNED TOP-SECRET DOLLHOUSE. Ballard at least gets the idea to track Bradley's car, and when he's the smartest one in the episode it makes me want to lie under the covers with the lights off, I tell you what.

The three surviving women come to in a cage in the corner of the Croquet House, and the older one gives the other two a pep talk about how they're people, "not his toys," and it's all very touching and special, I'm sure, but also hard to take seriously given that (a) they're bit characters, and (b) they're wearing argyle. Next!

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