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Back at the lab, Topher initiates the wipe, and in the club, Victor suddenly clutches his head in pain. The power then goes out in the lab...

...and then Echo TOTALLY STABS THE BORING PROFESSOR IN THE NECK! THANK you! That RULED! Not enough for me to bump the episode's grade up any, but at least the show acknowledged how much of a fatal dweeb this guy is. Echo is surprised that the professor called her "an incredible woman," but, looking in the mirror, notes that she is a woman, and gets all "Goodness gracious" about it, which I will only forgive because (a) it's a commercial break, and (b) she STABBED THE PROFESSOR IN THE NECK! Yes!

Adelle calls Boyd in the van and asks how his evening out is. Boyd: "A lot like my evenings in." Aw, Boyd! He and Ballard should totally be buds. They'd both be hilariously bad wingmen. Adelle then informs Boyd that the remote wipe attempt brought the whole system down, and since they've lost the biolinks to the Actives, they have to bring them all in. When you think of how much people pay for these engagements, that's no easy decision, but they can probably be rescheduled. Boyd is of the same mind, and takes point on the effort...

...while "Terry" is stealing the still-unfortunately-alive professor's car keys and blathering that now they won't even get a new Aunt Sheila. Unless the new Aunt Sheila was going to be a stealth ninja, I doubt they much care.

Boyd sees Echo peel out of the parking lot in the professor's car. Cut to him finding the professor, calling an ambulance, and then seeing the word "WHORE" painted on the mirror in blood. Or possibly lipstick.

Adelle and Topher are deconstructing what happened, which of course involves a lot of technobabble from Topher, but leads Adelle to this question: "If Terry is in Echo, where did Kiki go?" And here's where things get awesome...

...because Kiki is in Victor, and instead of talking, he's dancing around that club with a lot of shimmying and jiggling and booty-shaking, much to the delight of most onlookers both male and female. He throws a leg over the railing up on the DJ area and even high-fives the woman spinning, and all I can say is that I hope Enver Gjokaj's manager puts every single moment of this on his reel, because I have not stopped laughing since it aired. Also, he does a far more convincing girly-girl than Eliza. He then starts chatting with three fratty-looking types, and I think they're supposed to appear condescending but they in fact look kind of taken with him, which is perfectly understandable. He tells them he's Kiki, and he doesn't know how he got there but he's sure enjoying the ride. We then see Ballard show the bouncer a picture, and soon he's inside. He's about to spot Victor, who I certainly hope will get shipped straight over to Glee should this show get canned, but Adelle calls, and Ballard has to head for a less-crowded spot in order to hear her at all. Victor then dances his way back to the frat boys and shoves his ass in one of their faces, which still doesn't get an adverse reaction, but when he quotes The Canterbury Tales and puts his arms around him, the guy hauls off to punch him. The music grinds to a halt, which I don't think would really happen, but of course this is the cue for Ballard to rush over and find...the fratty guy laid out on the floor, apparently by "Kiki's" hand. Not sure Kiki would have been programmed with the reflexes to stop him, considering she was barely programmed with the ability to breathe, but we'll go with it, because (a) what did the guy expect after staring and smiling at him for twenty minutes, and (b) you're in Hollywood, guy. Anyway, Victor's all upset that the guy would try to hit a girl (joke's wearing thin, again, have you not realized that you don't have boobs?) and when he sees Paul, he runs over and puts his arms around him and asks him not to leave him again. Ballard is hilariously flummoxed, as usual, but recovers to stroke Victor's hair and then ask the looky-loos if they've got a problem. Aw, but as we know, the man lives in West Hollywood. He probably has to hug three guys just to get out of his building in the morning.

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