Ben Was Here

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Ben Was Here
She counters, "It's exactly the same thing. I was leaving to go with Knoll, and you just show up and you make these overtures. I mean this is how you operate!" Ben pleads, "It's not how I operate, it's how I feel about you." She thinks he's not interested in her, but only in the "chase." Ben denies it but Felicity won't hear any of it. Greg has had enough and things deteriorate from there. They grapple for a bit then he slugs Ben and sends him to the floor. Felicity goes to Ben and Greg gets up and says, "We're leaving," and he walks out. Ben touches his lip and says that Greg has quite a punch. Felicity tells him he should put some ice on it, then gets up and scampers after Greg, calling for him to wait. Ben stays on the floor in shock. Maybe he'll find Felicity's brain down there because she's obviously misplaced it.

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