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Ben Was Here

In the dorm room, Meghan is vigorously chewing gum and standing in front of a mirror on her dresser. In between chews, she manages to put some lipgloss and notices that some water is dripping from the ceiling. She spies the dripping coming from the T-junction in the exposed pipes. To solve the problem, she stands on a chair and sticks her blob of gum on the leak to stem the tide. Yeah, that'll work. Just like the way her Morticia Jolie hairstyle is working, which is to say, not.

At Elena and Knoll's apartment, Julie, who is helping herself to the fridge, asks Elena where Knoll is. Elena says that he's at the library with Ruby. Julie comments that Knoll and Ruby have been spending a lot of time together. Elena says, "I think he still likes her." Julie says, "You do?" Elena looks askance and asks, "What do you think? I mean, you've been hanging out with him more than I have." Julie, who looks like she needs a good solid night of sleep, or some more concealer under her eyes, pouts that Knoll doesn't like to discuss Ruby with her. What? He discussed the fact that Ruby wasn't intending to inform Wade, the baby's father, about the baby. What Julie really means is that Knoll hasn't discussed how he feels about Ruby. Elena comments that she thinks that Ruby and Knoll would still be dating if Ruby hadn't gotten pregnant. Julie wanly responds, "Yeah, probably." There's a knock at the door and Tracy comes walking in. So much for those triple-locked New York apartment doors. Tracy says, "Surprise." Elena says, "Surprise what?" Tracy has brought over a bunch of dodgy looking tools and equipment, and a guy named Vincent. He and Vincent are there to remove all the wallpaper and paint the apartment. Elena is not interested in having the work done but Tracy insists that they won't get their deposit back on the apartment if he doesn't take charge and redecorate. They argue back and forth until Elena relents. Julie pipes up, "Wow. Nobody ever bosses Elena around like that." Elena yells, "He is not bossing me around!" Tracy replies smugly, "Yeah, I am. You're right, I'm the man." Elena says, "What?!?" and you know that she really wanted to add "the fuck" after what. Tracy says, "Hey Vince, who's the man?" and Vincent parrots back, "You are." What I really want to ask that girl is, who are you and what have you done with Elena? I've been complaining over the past few episodes that Elena's character is out of whack, and this little exchange proves my point.

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