Ben Was Here

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Ben Was Here

Felicity and Greg are out in a canoe, which Greg is paddling, and typically, Felicity is up the creek without a paddle. Ben is describing the scene to Sean on the phone. He says, "They're in a boat, y'know, like a canoe." Not like a canoe, Ben, it is a canoe. Ah, sweet but dumb Ben. Sean is still behind the counter at Dean & Deluca and when Ben says he's going to come home Sean says, "You're not coming home okay, you went there with a mission, you're going to complete that mission, Ben." Javier overhears and asks, "He hasn't completed the mission yet?" Ben blathers about not knowing how to approach Felicity and Sean berates him about how much all the cell calls are going to cost him, especially since he's "roaming." Ben snaps that he knows all about roaming charges. Sean reminds him to answer the phone, "Blumberg Productions."

Javier yells into the phone, "Just complete the mission." Ben gets irritated and says that he knows how he should answer the phone and he hangs up on Sean again. Sean sighs and puts the phone down. Javier says, "That boy has to get his duck [sic] in a row." Sean asks Javier if he could set up a meeting for him "with Mr. Dean or Mr. Deluca," presumably to discuss the viability of shream. Javier claims that he would but he isn't sure how much longer he is going to be working there because he's "applying for college next year." Javier thinks "it is about time [he] get[s] higher education." Sean responds, "Yeah, I'd say." Nice attitude, Sean. Did you need a degree to come up with smoothaise and shream?

Knoll is walking Ruby to her room and she is thanking him for helping her catch up on the class. When they get to the door Knoll says, "You haven't mentioned Wade all day." Maybe because the last time she did you strong-armed her into calling him, Knoll. Ruby confirms that Wade is coming into town on Sunday and that she's really nervous about it because they don't really know each other. Knoll bulls ahead and asks her if they've "talked about the next step." Knoll, how exactly does this concern you? You've already stated that you couldn't continue a relationship with Ruby since she was pregnant with someone else's child, so quit trying to run her life. I hear Julie is available and dumb enough to want someone to tell her what to do, why don't you give her a call? Anyway, Ruby tells him that they haven't discussed any further plans, which is why she is so nervous. All Knoll can come up with is a whispered, "yeah." Did you get what you wanted on your fishing expedition, Knoll?

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