Ben Was Here

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Ben Was Here

Back in the dorm room, Meghan is lacing up a big pair of boots and she notices that the gum has given way and water is pouring from the pipes. Meghan stares at it in disbelief.

In front of Ruby's door, Knoll says, "Y'know, you can call me with anything." Ruby sighs, "I know." They both hear a scream and Knoll says, "What was that?" Meghan comes out of her room and slides into the hallway on the water that is streaming out the door. She stomps towards Knoll and Ruby, with her makeup running and her hair soaking wet, and she says, "A pipe just blew up." She keeps on walking past them and cursing. Knoll and Ruby head towards Meghan and Felicity's room.

At the B&B, Felicity tells Greg that "if the whole medical thing doesn't work out, [he has] to open a restaurant." What kind of B&B allows cooking in the room? It defeats the purpose of the proprietor offering B(reakfast) with the B(ed). From now on, I'm going to refer to the place as the gigantic log cabin that they've rented. Greg confesses that he got the recipe from his sister. Greg murmurs something about how they said they weren't going to rush things but he still wants to have a fire so he goes to get wood from the "main house." He tells her not to go anywhere because he's heard that "there's a madman out there in the forest." Well, there will be once you step outside, Greg. Once he leaves, Felicity carries the dishes into the kitchen and Ben waves at her from outside the window. She screams and drops the dishes. She meets him at the door and asks what he's doing there. Ben says that he came there to tell her something. Felicity says, "What, that you told Richard that Greg had a drug problem?" Before Ben can say much else, Felicity rips into him some more. When he tries to explain or apologize she cuts him off and tells him that she's trying to make it work with Greg. He tries once more to speak and she says that she doesn't want him in her life anymore and she slams the door in his face. Ben looks stunned and Felicity looks livid. He walks away from the gigantic log cabin and the cellphone rings. He answers it, "Blumberg Productions." It is Sean calling and he's just checking to make sure that Ben is answering the phone correctly. When Sean says, "How's it going up there?" Ben hangs up on him again.

Greg is throwing some logs on to the fire in the gigantic log cabin. He tells her about hiking and how they can get a picnic to take along with them, "the classic romantic cliché" as he puts it. Then he dims the lights and moves in for some more kissy-faceness. Felicity isn't overly enthusiastic so Greg tells her that they can stop. Felicity insists that she is fine for about two seconds, then she stops kissing him and gets up and turns on a light. She confesses that she isn't fine because Ben "showed up." Greg freaks out calls Ben a "psycho" for following them up there, and thinks they should call the police. Uh, is it psycho to try to derail your girlfriend's political campaign, then lie to her face about it? I'm not a trained medical professional, so I wouldn't know. Felicity accuses Greg of overreacting because "Ben did a bad thing, that doesn't make him psycho." She explains that Ben is "threatened" by Greg. Greg wants to know why Felicity is defending Ben and Felicity says that she isn't defending him and that she told him she didn't want him in her life anymore. Greg wonders why she isn't "celebrating" after having given Ben the boot. She claims that she can't stop thinking about it and Greg says she can't stop thinking about Ben. Greg then announces that he'll be waiting in the car and stomps out without helping her clean up or put out the fire. Wake up, Felicity! This is your so-called boyfriend who is treating you so badly. Tell him that you're staying and take the train home the next day.

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