Ben Was Here

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Ben Was Here

Elena and Knoll, with Julie in tow, arrive at their apartment to discover that it is a smelly mess with a weird fog hanging over it. Elena begins to curse Tracy, who appears out of one of the bedrooms wearing a shower cap, goggles, mask, gloves, and an industrial apron, and shouts, "Hey, baby!" Elena says, "Don't 'hey, baby' me," and demands to know what is going on. Tracy announces that Vincent went to get some more "emulsifier." Julie takes her hand away from her nose and mouth and whines, "You guys, I'm starting to feel dizzy." Starting?!? What's been your excuse up until now, Julie? Knoll says, "Emulsifier?" Tracy admits that they've made a few mistakes but they know what they're doing now. Elena angrily tells him that they can't stay in the apartment the way it is and Tracy offers to let them stay at his place. Elena says no and Julie tells her that she can stay at the loft and then hastily includes Knoll in the invitation. Knoll says that he accepts but that she may have to remind him that he accepted later on. Julie just giggles stupidly. Tracy promises Elena that the apartment is going to look "good" and "awesome." Knoll interrupts, "This is bad, I can't feel my tongue." Julie giggles idiotically again and Tracy tells Knoll "that'll pass." Knoll sticks his tongue out at Julie, which she finds hilarious. Elena snipes, "This is not funny, Julie," as she storms out to pack up her clothes. If Julie thinks that someone sticking out his tongue at her is funny, I can think of a few other gestures she'd find hysterical.

In the dorm, Felicity is wading through ankle-deep water past other students and various workers who are trying to clean up the mess. She gets to her room and asks Meghan what is going on. Meghan, who is putting clothes into a garbage bag, snaps, "I'm no plumber, but I think there's a leak." Felicity asks where everyone is going and Meghan says, "You're all staying in the cafeteria for at least two weeks." It turns out that Meghan is going to be staying at "Swayne's." Hey, don't ask me, that's how the closed captioning spelled it. Felicity asks who Swayne is and Meghan says that he works in the mailroom. Felicity wants to know if he is "that little weird guy." Meghan indignantly asks, "Hey, who's staying in the cafeteria for two weeks?" Then she wants to know what happened with Greg. Felicity says that nothing happened and Meghan says, "really" and leaves. Felicity rummages around in the closet for her books.

Julie, Elena, and Knoll are all seated at the island in the kitchen at the loft as Greg demonstrates the prototype of his portable marshmallow roaster. As she's cramming a S'more into her big gob, Julie says, "So, why would anybody need, like, a forty dollar marshmallow roaster?" Sean replies, "Why does anyone need an in-the-shell egg scrambler?" Knoll says, "They don't." Greg counters, "But they buy them, don't they?" Knoll argues that no one buys them. Julie and Knoll, maybe you two should quit provoking Sean, in whose home you're freeloading, due to his generosity, and, well, to his lust in Julie's case. Ben arrives home and Sean asks him if he had any calls and if the mission was a failure. Ben sighs that he doesn't want to talk about the mission. He asks the group how it's going and Knoll tells him that they're "homeless." Sean explains that they'll be staying at the loft for a few days. Julie asks Ben if he wants a S'more. Ben agrees to a S'more and Sean goes into his demo of the marshmallow roaster but Ben tells him to skip the narration. Julie says, "So, Felicity didn't accept your apology?" Ben wonders if they all know where he went and if Felicity called from the up there to tell them what an idiot he was. Julie clarifies that "she called from down here to tell us what an idiot [he was]." Is it me, or is Julie really enjoying Ben's unhappiness? Ben is surprised that Felicity is already back in the city. Julie tells him "there was this pipe explosion at the dorm," which Knoll translates as a burst water main. I think there must have been a "pipe explosion" in Julie's head at some point. Ben finds out from Julie that Felicity is staying in the cafeteria. Elena advises him not to go to see Felicity and he says he's not going to go there. Ben mutters, "She came back."

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