Ben Was Here

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Ben Was Here

In the cafeteria, students are milling around with sleeping bags and brushing their teeth and settling in for the night. Felicity is wandering around with a clipboard, presumably checking up on her advisees. She spies Greg across the room putting a bandage on a girl's finger. Felicity heads over to talk to Greg. He tells her that the minute he got home he was asked to come over and "help out" and he thinks it was "for the best" that they came back early. Felicity apologizes for the weekend not working out the way they had planned." Huh? Greg was the one who decided to call a halt to the festivities, why should Felicity be the one to apologize? I guess because despite all of the clues, Felicity is still blind to Greg's supreme jerkassity. Anyway, she begs to take him out to dinner. Instead of answering her, Greg says, "What about Ben?" Felicity tells him that Ben is from her past and is over "and is not going to get in the way of [her] life anymore." She should have said, "What about Ben?" What kind of response to an invitation is that? Did you want me to invite him along? When someone invites you somewhere, don't answer the question with a question! That is so rude. Felicity ends up begging some more and Greg finally relents to go out with her. Greg really puts the "ass" in class.

We get more scenes of the students all tucked into their wee beds because every college student goes to bed at the same time, just like at summer camp. Felicity's cot is right next to Ruby's. They're both propped up on an elbow facing each other, and Ruby asks her if she really followed Ben to New York. Felicity is a little surprised by the question and wonders why Ruby is asking. Ruby says her that's what Knoll told her. Good ole Knoll, always ready to open his vault at the drop of a hat. Felicity declares that the story is a little embarrassing and proceeds to give Ruby an abridged version. She says, "I always thought if we knew each other, we would love each other and uh, graduation, he signed my yearbook, and what he wrote just confirmed what I thought about him." Ruby comments that Felicity doesn't seem like the type to follow a guy. Felicity claims that she now realizes she was running away from things rather than running to something. Ruby exclaims that whatever Ben wrote it must have amazing and Felicity confirms that it was, then they say goodnight to each other. Later, Felicity has her yearbook and a flashlight and is rereading what Ben wrote to her. Did she bring everything with her from her dorm room? Hmmm, there's a flood and I must grab some stuff and leave in a hurry. I know, I'll take my highschool yearbook! Whatever. For those of you who care, this is what Ben wrote:

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