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The Muppet Masters

Jekyll-Vorc looks up at Aeryn and Crichton from inside the container. Crichton tells Pilot to "shoot him up." In the interim, they put a DRD in the cage somehow, and it injects the unhappy Jekyll-Vorc with translator microbes. Crichton taps on the container and over-ennunciates, "We just want to talk to you." Aeryn sighs that this is a waste of time, and suggests letting Zhaan dissect the Vorc to see if she missed something. Crichton repeats, "Dissect it?" and Aeryn says, "Yeah, I say we kill it." The Vorc begins angrily hopping around as it squeals, and Crichton observes, "It understands what you're saying. Take it back." Aeryn looks wearily at Crichton, and then stiffly assures the Vorc that she doesn't want to kill it. Crichton moans, "That was terrible!" He points to the Vorc, still squealing, and says, "Lassie here is trying to communicate with us!" Pilot interrupts, "I believe it's asking why." Pilot explains that he is used to "non-verbal communication," and that the Vorc doesn't have a real language but it can express simple concepts. He translates for the Vorc: "Why pain me?" Aeryn asks why it attacked D'Argo. The Vorc shrieks, and Pilot translates, "Attack -- defend." Crichton figures that D'Argo attacked the Vorc. Pilot says that the Vorc is repeating, "Friend." Crichton asks the Vorc what it wants. Via Pilot, it answers, "Bad danger here." Crichton asks if there's a parasite on Moya, and the Vorc starts hopping up and down. Aeryn adds, "Are you the parasite?" and as the Vorc squeaks at her, Crichton snaps, "The answer to that is no. Who's gonna say yes to that?" "Clarifying!" Aeryn retorts. Crichton asks the Vorc if it can help them find the parasite. Pilot says, "Hunt the bad. Kill the bad. Free. Pain! No kill I!" Whoa, sorry. I confused Pilot with Mr. Spock for second. Aeryn asks if the Vorc wants to go after the parasite. The Vorc hops around eagerly. "That's a yes," Crichton observes. He asks Aeryn if she trusts the Vorc. She's not sure, but agrees that they're out of options. Crichton shows the Vorc his blaster and tells it, "You make one wrong move, I will shoot you. You understand 'shoot'? Ka-tow, ka-tow, ka-tow. Little bolts of light. 'Ouuuuch.'" He's a gifted storyteller.

Cut to the Vorc, ambling down a corridor, sniffing the air and fluttering its ears. Crichton and Aeryn trail behind it. Crichton asks Pilot to turn down the "atmospheric scrubbers" so that the Vorc can catch a scent. Rygel bitches via the comms, "Crichton, have you taken leave of your senses? I don't expect much from Aeryn, but you --" Crichton tells Rygel, "Lock yourself in your room and do whatever the hell it is you do in there by yourself." The Vorc suddenly stops, and then pukes up its Mr. Hyde self, which disappears through a grating. Crichton peers down the vent and shouts, "We had a deal! You were supposed to lead us to it!"

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