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The Muppet Masters

Cargo bay. Aeryn is sitting on the floor, holding the Jekyll-Vorc tenderly, with Crichton beside her. Pilot tells them that the Vorc is happy. Aeryn isn't happy, even though Crichton's supportively resting his hand on her shoulder. The Vorc whimpers a little. Pilot translates, "'End. End.' He knows his time is near." Aeryn looks at the Vorc and says, "I am so, so sorry." The Vorc reaches up and brushes Aeryn's chin with one long finger. Which should be sweet, but it just kinda looks like it's poking at her. It strokes her face gently, and then closes its eyes and dies. Which means Aeryn's covered with Vorc shit. Again. As Brock says, they never show that part on TV. Crichton leans his head down to Aeryn's shoulder, which is sweet. Unless he's just sniffing her leather vest to block out the smell of Vorc poo.

Later, Crichton is back at his chess game. He moves a white pawn to take what I think is a black bishop. Aeryn watches quietly. As Crichton moves around to examine the board from another angle, she says, "When we were hunting, you almost blew my head off. That was a bad shot, even for you." He nods agreeably, and finally asks, "What's your point?" She wants to know what he was shooting at. Black knight takes white pawn. Crichton moves back to the other side of the board as he says, "I've been having these...well, I wouldn't exactly call them hallucinations. I've been having these flashes of Scorpius." Aeryn nods and asks, "Like memories?" Crichton says no, it's like Scorpius is talking to him. He explains, "Have you ever been in a crowded room, and everybody's talking all at the same time, so you can't hear anybody? And suddenly someone says your name, and then, like crystal, you hear every word they say. No matter how far away they are, it's like they're talking only to you." Aeryn tries not to look worried as she talks to her crazy-ass boyfriend, and asks what Scorpius is saying. Crichton tells her, "He says he's gonna get me. He says he already has, I just don't know it yet." Aeryn asks why he didn't kill Scorpius. Crichton stares dreamily at the chessboard and says, "I tried," and his voice always gets me there. He says that something stopped him. Aeryn starts to say, "If you need help --" but Crichton cuts her off. "I'll ask. Just like you do." Oh, good. He meets her eyes and starts to chuckle as he assures her, "I'm not gonna lose my mind! It's all I've got left." Aeryn smiles and looks like she's about to start bawling for a second. She puts down the pawn she was idly toying with and exits. Crichton continues to stare at the chessboard. Scorpius whispers, "You'll never see it coming, John. When the trap closes, it'll be too late." "You think?" Crichton sneers, and moves a white knight, taking another pawn. "Checkmate. You lose," he says. The music gets all Lynchian and creepy as Scorpius reaches into the frame and sets the black king on its side. He sits at the table and smirks, "That wasn't the trap that I meant." We go a wide shot, showing Crichton alone at the chessboard.

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