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The Muppet Masters

Monster-cam of Chiana doing something with the Vorc cage. She turns upon hearing a noise, and asks, "Rygel?" Monster-cam continues to lurk.

D'Argo and Aeryn trail after the Vorc. D'Argo frets that the parasites are dangerous. Aeryn thinks the whole story about parasites was just a trick to get him to buy the Vorc. She says she's giving up the chase, but tells D'Argo that the Vorc was headed toward the maintenance bay.

Chiana interrupts over the comms. Rygel is with her, looking frightened. They cower behind some crates as she tells D'Argo, "I'm in the maintenance bay, and there's some kind of creature right in front of me." We see just a hint of something large moving toward Chiana.

D'Argo turns and runs for the maintenance bay, calling for Crichton and Aeryn to come help. Crichton dashes to the rescue. Aeryn reluctantly breaks into a jog. Heh. When you put it all together, they probably spent a whole day running up and down the corridor for this episode. At different speeds, with different expressions of urgency. I bet Anthony Simcoe was happy to escape most of that, since he's in platforms.

Maintenance bay. Rygel gasps, "Chiana, do something!" Chiana looks at Rygel and sniffs, "You do something!" We only get glimpses of the monster from behind, but it snarls, and Chiana and Rygel freak out. Chiana backs up against a workbench and tells the monster, "We're not gonna hurt you..." as she reaches behind her for something weapon-y. Rygel urges, "Now slug him!"

As he hurries toward the maintenance bay, Crichton tells Chiana not to panic.

Chiana says it's too late for that, and tries to brain the monster with the tool she's picked up. I don't mean Rygel. But the monster easily knocks her down before she can connect. Rygel starts to move toward her, and the monster swats her again, sliding across the floor into a pillar. We finally see it, sort of. It looks like...well. It looks like a midget Alien. It's hard to describe, but whatever you're imagining, make it shorter and redder and slightly lamer. I do understand the production difficulties here. It's still lame. D'Argo finally arrives, and has to shove some shelves out of the way because apparently someone thought it was a good idea to block the doorways. It does make him seem much more heroic, though. Rygel calls for D'Argo as the monster roars. It suddenly launches itself at D'Argo, and D'Argo makes a "Fuck!" face. Then it's clinging to him as he shouts. He knocks the monster away, and it turns and starts to run for the door. D'Argo fires his Qualta but misses, and the monster escapes. D'Argo, looking dazed, feels his neck and suddenly collapses as Rygel looks on helplessly. In retrospect, I do think that's a slight cheat.

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