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The Muppet Masters

DRDs move through a dark passageway, searching for the monster. It sucks to be a DRD.

In command, Crichton watches the images the DRDs are transmitting through the clam shell. Zhaan tells Crichton that they'll have to capture the monster alive, so that she can get a venom sample to develop an antidote. Crichton wonders if the monster is camouflaging itself somehow. He asks Pilot, "Have you tried switching the DRDs to heat and acoustic mode?" As a DRD sprays a green disco laser down a corridor, Pilot says they've tried that with no success. Crichton asks to see cargo bay three, and Pilot obligingly punches up the image. Then there's a burst of static, and suddenly Scorpius appears in the clam shell. Scorpius says, "You'll never see it coming, John."

Huh. Zhaan appears to be blow-drying an unconscious D'Argo. Has he had a set and rinse yet? Zhaan's the last person you would go to for hair care, honestly. Ah well. D'Argo wakes to find himself standing in a recessed wall, which Zhaan explains are Moya's neural clusters. She says that Pilot has modified the energy fields into a sort of ICU. Zhaan goes on to explain, "The parasite's venom appears to be designed to paralyze the nerves and muscles of its prey. Your hearts and lungs have been affected." Rygel swoops into the chamber, and D'Argo snaps, "I'm not dead yet. But when I do die, Chiana's gonna get all of my possessions." Rygel stiffly asks, "Is it unthinkable that I might be here simply to offer the gift of my company to a shipmate in need?" "Yes," D'Argo retorts. Zhaan asks Rygel if he's afraid to be alone. Rygel snits, "I knew you'd be here. That didn't frighten me; why should blessed solitude?"

Aeryn carries the Vorc on her back as she walks down the corridor, asking it which way she should go. As the Vorc pokes its long, ooky fingers over her face, Aeryn tells Crichton, "So far, he's led me to the cockpit of your module, a pool of amnexus fluid, and a pile of food cube crumbs." The Vorc manages to stick one of its overly long fingers into her mouth, and she removes it with a disgusted expression. I think the puppeteers were enjoying themselves a lot on this episode. From his own corridor, Crichton says that D'Argo's in bad shape. Aeryn assures him that she'll find the monster and shoot it, and Crichton shouts, "No shooting! That's what the sleep gas is for!" Aeryn says she knows that, she was just cueing some exposition from Crichton. Then she's distracted as the Vorc starts shrieking and struggling against her. She finally eases it down onto the floor and instructs it not to go too far. The Vorc twitches everything it can twitch, and races away shrieking.

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