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After taking a moment to recover, Crichton orders, "Grenades!" They pull the pins on the grenades and roll them toward the monster, then back away as hazy clouds fill the room. The monster bellows and collapses. Crichton asks if the Vorc is the parasite they've been hunting. Aeryn grunts, "The only thing I know for certain, is that [Chiana] brought it on board." Chiana snaps, "How was I supposed to know?" Crichton reminds them that their first priority is getting a venom sample to Zhaan.

Apothecary. Zhaan reports that she can't find any toxins in the samples she's taken from the monster. She says, "I checked down to its hair follicles. I tried every technique I know." Rygel says, "I'm sure that didn't take long." Crichton tells him to shut up, but Rygel is really starting to seem like the smartest guy on Moya. Even if it's not really Rygel. Zhaan wonders if the monster is only poisonous in its Jekyll form, but Aeryn remembers that the Vorc bit her without any side effects. Plus, it was in its Hyde form when it attacked D'Argo. Crichton asks how long it'll take to go back to the planet they got the Vorc from. Is he hoping to trade it in for a store credit? Pilot answers: 32 hours. Zhaan says that D'Argo won't last that long.

Chiana is holding D'Argo up in the neural clusters as she fills him in on the latest developments. Well, the latest ones that she knows about: the Vorc is the monster, and Zhaan's analyzing it. "You're gonna be fine," she insists. He tells her not to lie to him. After a moment, Chiana moans, "I brought the frelling thing on board. This is all my fault, D'Argo." D'Argo reminds her that they both brought the Vorc onto Moya.

Crichton and Aeryn pedeconference as he sums up the story so far. Basically, he realizes that since the Vorc isn't poisonous, its bite didn't poison D'Argo, which means that something else did. He figures that the Vorc is legit, it just uses two forms to hunt. Aeryn chimes in, "A smaller, faster form for tracking; a larger, more powerful form for attack." They enter the cargo bay as Aeryn asks why it attacked Chiana and D'Argo. Crichton figures they scared it, adding, "D'Argo has that affect on everything." We pan down to see the Hyde-Vorc trapped in a container. Aeryn points out that they still don't know what kind of parasite they're looking for. "Is it an insect, a microorganism, another creature like [the Vorc]?" Crichton suggests asking the Vorc, and Aeryn snits that it can't talk. Crichton insists that he's onto something: "Why don't we see if we can get the incredible Vorc here to understand us?" Aeryn looks dubious.

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