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"Ready...go!" The teams are off. They get their boats into the water roughly even. But at the buoy, Yaxha gets around smoothly, while Nakum gets hung up. Yaxha gets itself headed back with a lead, but only a very slight one. By the time they hit the beach with the boats, it's basically neck and neck. Bobby Jon, Brandon, Blake, and Judd go off to row with Nakum. "Jim, gonna stay back with the women!" Probst says loudly. And...come on, Jeff. Don't be an asshole. There are five guys. Only four guys are allowed to pull. Furthermore, since when did "stay back with the women" become any way to talk? At any rate, for Yaxha, Jamie, Gary, Brian, and Rafe go off to pull. See, they have five women, so nobody has to stay behind with them. There is lots of pulling and rolling. Yaxha reaches its first obstacle when Steph's foot gets caught under a log, and for a moment, it seems that horrifying flashbacks are to be the order of the day. But her foot gets free, and Yaxha makes up the lost time fairly quickly. Over at Nakum, Danni gets herself caught under a log as well, and then Cindy has one on her foot. They're really not getting the hang of this too well, as far as not crushing their own limbs. I'm not sure that bodes well. Yaxha builds a lead. And before you know it, Yaxha is past the finish line, and Lydia runs up and lights their fire. And Stephenie, wonder of wonders, has just won immunity for the very first time. And, as we all know must happen, Bobby Jon punches himself in the face, which is awesome. What this show needs, always, is more people who know how to abuse themselves so that I don't have to. Jeff gives them the idol, and then he gives them their flint. He points out to Steph that this will be her first time sitting out a tribal council, and she is actually in tears. That's how much Stephenie did not want to lose any more damn challenges. Nakum, meanwhile, is reminded that they will have to head to tribal council tonight to boot someone. I wonder who it will be!

As Nakum returns to camp later, a crocodile looms. Margaret tells us that the team worked its way back from having four essentially dead-in-the-water guys yesterday, and then we see that Jim is still in some trouble, though not the same trouble as before. But hey, he's only the old guy who appears not to have any friends. There's no reason to believe he would be in danger of being booted. Asked when he felt whatever this is that's going on in the arm he's cradling in his shirt, Jim says that he felt it pop when he lifted the boat thinking everyone was grabbing it, and that it was just him. Judd immediately leaps in to insist that he was carrying it too, but I don't think that was Jim's point. I think he was just saying that the timing was off, not blaming anyone. Judd is very, very defensive, to the point where I think he might have snapped Jim's arm out of pure spite. Jim explains in an interview that his bicep actually snapped, and that's...the third "eeeeew" of the recap. That's got to be a record for one not involving Dawson Leery. Jim reclines against a tree, clearly in some serious hurt.

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