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Reconstituted Beefcake

Steph tries to move Yaxha along faster, but as she explains, Lydia and Amy -- the ones who "aren't as fit" -- aren't fast enough. Yaxha falls behind again. I missed you, Stephenie!

Up at Nakum, Bobby Jon is having a problem. As he explains it, he suddenly got extremely cold, and his body cramped all up. He lies on the ground, apologizing the entire time, because he is such a pathetic slacker, as we all know. Margaret works on his legs as Cindy explains that Bobby Jon overdid it, carrying two bags of corn the entire time and getting himself overtired and dehydrated. Which he totally would, because he's totally the guy who does a lot more than he should, and then also the guy who ignores pain for the first two hours until he turns himself into a pretzel of sinew. He keeps trying to get up, and Margaret manages to keep him down a little bit longer while she tries to help iron out the cramps. Cindy adds that she thinks it surprised people to see Bobby Jon go down like that. And I agree.

Morgan, of the trailing Yaxha, tries to get the team to speed up. Up at Nakum, they see that they are approaching water, meaning they're probably getting near the promised boats that indicate the end of the Hike That Hydration Forgot. Down by the boats, Judd splashes in the water, explaining that he was just about used up by this point. He says "winded," because it sounds better than "approximately 68% dead." Brooke reads the team's directions, which indicate a paddle to a pier, and then a run to the winner's camp. Everybody crawls into the boat. Almost there! Stay alive! No matter what occurs!

Nakum isn't too far into its journey when Yaxha appears back on the shore and clambers into its boat. Brian interviews that they were shocked to see Nakum right there in the boat, because Yaxha wasn't nearly as far behind as they thought. "We just booked it to our canoe," he brags, as if they aren't about to lose.

Paddling, paddling. Up ahead, the ruins, surrounded by lush greenery, await. Nakum comes up to the dock, but Judd jumps out early and finds himself up to his neck in mud. Granted, he's sort of lying on his belly, but still. The ability to get yourself stranded in a foot of muck doesn't exactly make people think you're the horse to bet on in that punishing swimming challenge. Farmer Brandon Beavises that Judd had a "premature evacuation." Wow, he is so incredibly hilarious that it almost reduces my desire to poke him in the eye. Meanwhile, Bobby Jon has trouble just getting out of the canoe, so very crampy are his poor legs. The editing attempts to convince us that Yaxha is fast approaching. "I know it was dehydration, but I've never felt that type of pain before," Bobby Jon says, and from what you know of him if you know anything, you know that's obviously true, given the way he's stuck in the boat. Ultimately, he extracts himself, vowing to "suck it up." Nakum makes its tired way up the path until it comes across Jeff Probst, wearing a dorky green hat. That may be a Tilley, y'all. Jeff congratulates Nakum on finishing first.

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