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Found Footage

Back at the house no college student should be able to afford, Blond Girl and Nerdy Friend tape each other. She's freaked out over the murder, while Nerdy Friend thinks everything's okay now that the FBI are here. Michael interrupts so that he can share a song with them. At first Blond Girl doesn't recognize it, so he explains that it was the song that was playing when they met. Aw. Michael and Nerdy Friend head out to test their new cameras. Blond Girl protests because now she's in the mood for some lovin', now that Michael's got her feeling romantic with the music and all. Michael lowers his voice. "Come on, we both know he has nobody else to do this with," he says. "Whatever, you're dead to me," she huffs, pretending to be angrier than she really is. They kiss goodbye.

Michael and Nerdy Friend (eight minutes in and they still haven't said this poor dweeb's name) hang out near the soccer field. By now, it's nighttime. Nerdy Friend climbs up into a tree and hangs upside down because... well, who the hell knows? He sees the devastatingly handsome FBI agents in the distance. Michael has to help him out of the tree and then they sneak around behind some bushes so they can film the FBI in secret. They finish up questioning some students, apparently without any results. "All right, there is not a case here," Sam says. "There is a case here -- you're rusty," Dean says. "We just gotta dig a little deeper." Dean heads off toward the Impala while Sam makes an expression of exasperation. Michael turns to Nerdy Friend and asks, "Is it just me, or are you getting a 'workplace romance' vibe with those two?" He got that from a few seconds of conversation? He probably would have exploded if he'd seen them when they were arguing about Sam hooking up with a girl instead of looking for Dean.

They head back towards the soccer field and catch sight of the asshat interloper from earlier, making out with some girl under the bleachers. "D-bags mating in the wild," Michael narrates. The girl decides she's had enough of this makeout session and pushes away from her frustrated suitor. Michael and Nerdy Friend laugh. "Strike three, you're a dick," Nerdy Friend says. "This is gonna look great on YouTube," Michael says. They're so busy trying to catch the interloper's shame that they don't look where they're walking and knock over a trashcan. They make a break for it. The interloper, suddenly alerted to their presence, gives chase.

They leave the cameras on as they run, leading to much wooziness from this recapper. It's like your clothes' POV from inside the dryer. Nerdy Friend and Michael take off in different directions. The interloper goes after Nerdy Friend first. Michael, perhaps trying to draw the enemy away from his less-athletic friend, shouts out, "Hey, Brian, meet me later at Scott's mother's house!" Presumably Scott is the interloper, for he takes great offense at this and starts running after Michael. Michael is laughing so hard that he can hardly catch his breath. He runs into a dark, wooded area and turns on the camera's night vision. "Thanks for a great night out, Bri," he says into the camera. Something growls in the trees behind him. The camera's all up his nose, Blair Witch-style. At first he thinks (or hopes) Scott is messing with him, but as the growling intensifies, it's clear he's in danger. He runs and it's a jumble of tree branches and darkness and intermittent static. At one point, he drops the camera and crawls toward it. Something yanks him off the ground and out of frame. He lets out a horrified scream.

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