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Found Footage

Brian, nee Nerdy Friend, goes looking for him. "Hey, Michael, you can come out now," he calls into the darkness. "Scott looked for us for a while, but bailed." Silence answers him. He finds Michael's camera on the ground and picks it up. In doing so, he sees Michael lying in the distance. He's breathing hard and his shoulder is bloody.

Brian drags Michael back home. "Kate!" he calls out, and Blond Girl comes running. He sets the camera on the table and settles Michael onto the sofa. "Something bit Michael," Brian explains. Kate kneels beside him, calling his name, then runs off to get her phone. Brian peels back Michael's shirt to get a better look at his wound. "Oh, my God," he says. Michael panics. "Is it bad?" Brian grabs the camera and aims it at Michael's perfectly smooth shoulder. The bite is gone. Kate, thinking that the guys are playing a joke on her, drops her call to 911.

The next day, Brian assures Kate that Michael will be fine. He's been to a doctor who says he's totally fine. Michael, who's been asleep on the sofa behind them, gets up to go to the bathroom. He reaches for the knob and pulls the door off its hinges. The camera angles keep changing like they've got a dozen of them set up in here, which kind of ruins the whole "found footage" aspect of things. Realizing he's suddenly much stronger than usual, Michael is eager to put his newfound abilities to the test. He picks up Kate, holding her over his head, balancing her on one hand. Everyone laughs and smiles and whoops instead of being freaked right the hell out like they should be.

They all get on the internet to try to figure out what might have happened to him. Did an alien bite him? A mutant? "Am I a superhero now?" Michael asks. Kate scoffs, but it doesn't seem like an unreasonable conclusion after what's happened. Brian, having decided that his movie is going to be about Michael's "origin story," sets up more cameras in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. What kind of money do these kids have that they can afford to live in a house and buy unlimited numbers of cameras? He goes after Michael with a handheld. "Hey, man, I have this idea. It's gonna sound really weird, but don't laugh, okay?" Michael, who's just trying to eat a bagel in peace, says he can't make any promises. Brian says he wants to be able to do what Michael does. He wants to get himself bitten by whatever bit Michael. "And then we can both be superheroes!" When Michael, refuses, Brian thinks it's because his friend doesn't want to share. "We don't even know what this is. Why would you want it?" Michael asks. "I don't want to be Piggy anymore," Brian pleads. Michael, having slept through the lecture, may or may not understand what his friend is trying to say. He makes the mistake of giving Brian this advice: "You've just got to figure out what it is you want and go after it." Brian throws a tantrum, but Michael stands firm.

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