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Found Footage

Brian, being the creepy little creeper that he is, tracks down his friends using the GPS in their phones. Michael is creeped out, but Kate sees potential in his stalker skills: "What else can you hack into, Brian?"

He hacks into the CC TV in the cafe where Sam and Dean are currently going over their files. Michael takes a concealed camera and sits at the table next to theirs while Kate and Brian watch via laptop. Dean orders two burgers, drawing a raised eyebrow from Sam. "Hey, I didn't at Big P's for, like, a year." Guess that answers one question about Purgatory. (The question was, "Good Lord, what do you use for toilet paper there?") They talk about how werewolves that are up to four generations away from "pure blood" (which Dean takes to mean an Alpha) can be less feral and transform at any time during the lunar cycle. They can control themselves and some have even been known to subsist on animal hearts. "So, what, we're hunting a werewolf with a pedigree?" Sam asks. "Awesome. Let's hope he has his papers," Dean says. "And that silver can kill him," Sam adds.

Later, back at the house, Michael is trying to absorb the news that he's a werewolf. He's also worried about the FBI agents tracking down, so Kate assures him that those guys are not really FBI agents. "I'm pretty sure FBI agents don't say 'awesome' that much." Heh. Michael paces and thinks. "Did they say anything else?" he asks. "Dude, they just sat and talked about how they've been apart for a year," Brian says. "You were probably right about that whole office romance thing." Kate points out that the fake FBI are looking for whatever bit Michael in the first place, not for Michael himself, but he storms off to have a pout about his future of eating chicken hearts. Kate follows him. Meanwhile, Brian goes over the footage from the night Michael was attacked and sees something of particular interest in one grainy frame. He prints out a screen shot. "Hey, guys. I think I found something," he says. Kate closes the French doors, excluding Brian from her talk with Michael, so Brian heads out on his own.

Armed with a flashlight and his omnipresent camera, he goes back to the scene of Michael's attack. Keep in mind that it's dark and that there's no way he could know the exact spot, but he miraculously manages to find a tiny, one-inch clue hidden in the leaf litter. It is their literature professor's lapel pin. Armed with this evidence, he heads to the prof's office and sets up a hidden camera. When the prof comes in, Brian confronts him: "I know what you are."

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