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Found Footage

Cut back to the house, where Kate is packing her bags. Brian returns, sees this, and asks her what's going on. She says she and Michael are leaving in the morning. Brian tells them they don't have to worry about that anymore. "I took care of it," he says. Michael and Kate are understandably wary, so he plays back the video of his visit to the professor.

He shows the prof the lapel pin he found in the woods. "I found it after you bit my friend." It's quite the leap of logic, but it turns out to be true. The prof tries to deny it at first, but Brian wears him down. He also mentions the camera that's feeding back to his laptop, so, you know, don't kill him or anything because there will be evidence. "I want you to turn me into a werewolf," Brian says. He whips out a silver knife and pushes his professor into a chair. The 90-pound weakling has some balls. Professor Werewolf should kick them into the next county.

Instead, he confesses the whole thing. He didn't mean to kill that guy, but he's been on this cardio diet and just couldn't resist. "You never lose the taste if you're stupid enough to have one," he says of human hearts. "Once you have a human heart, it's almost impossible to control the monster inside. But I did. Until last week, when I, ah, fell off the wagon, as they say." He sounds genuinely pained by his predilection. He says he's trained himself to eat animal hearts, but then he saw that delicious-looking guy last week. He turned Michael to take the suspicion off himself when hunters inevitably came looking for him. "I'm sick of being Piggy. I want to be Ralph," Brian says. "We don't get to choose who we are," Professor Werewolf says. "I did," Brian says. He turns the camera on his arm, where a fresh bite wound is already healing.

Kate and Michael are horrified. Brian shows them the live feed from the prof's office, where Sam and Dean (in their regular clothes) are just barging in. They grab the prof and throw him onto the desk. The prof starts transforming in a budget-friendly way, with his back to the camera. He shoves Dean into a bookcase, then goes after Sam. Dean shoots the prof in the chest. The prof falls to his knees. "Thank you," he says with his last breath. Aw. Sam finds the camera. "What the hell?" He pulls it out of its hiding place. The screen goes to static.

Brian is triumphant. "See? Problem solved!" He thinks that the hunters will move on now. "I did this to protect you," he says to Kate. Then, to Michael: "I did what you couldn't." Michael points out that they found the camera and will probably be able to trace the feed. "What the hell is wrong with you?" "Nothing's wrong with me -- you told me that," Brian reminds him. "I just finally figured out what I want and I'm going after it." All his stored-up resentment for his friend comes out. He's not going to live in Michael's shadow anymore, they're equals now, yada yada yada. Michael's concern is still for Brian's well-being. He tells Brian of the horror of their new reality, of how he remembers killing Scott and eating his delicious heart. "Ever since, I've been more out of control," he says. "You've been more weak," Brian corrects him. He grabs Kate and tries to make a play for her, but she's not remotely interested. When Brian won't let go of Kate, Michael brings out the fangs and goes after him. A growling, snarling fight ensues. Michael easily overpowers Brian, but Brian has that silver knife. He stabs Michael in the gut and Michael falls to the floor, coughing and gasping. Kate rushes to his side. "I love you, baby," he says. And that's the end of poor, sweet, golden god Michael.

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