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Losing It in the Sky with Diamonds

With renewed determination, Walter takes his book, places it in a bowl with lighter fluid and sets it ablaze. "The journal doesn't matter," Carla says. "Even if you burn it, it's too late, now that you remember all the things you're capable of." Slightly Younger Nina Sharp appears behind him to tell him he has to keep fighting. "You're too tired to do that," Carla says. "There's nothing to burn." Walter looks down at the bowl. The flames burn, but there is no book. Either his finding it earlier was just part of his acid trip, or he secretly stashed it away (again) for safe keeping. "You've been him longer than you've been you," Carla says. Walter looks despairingly at the empty bowl, then lifts his gaze to see that Carla has vanished. Someone much more ominous has taken her place. Now, Walter stands looking only at himself. Carla was himself, as was Nina, but this other Walter -- the hubristic one of his past --- is the one who trumps them all.


Tippi normally recaps Supernatural and Doctor Who, but was pulled temporarily into an alternate universe where she recaps Fringe. You can contact her at, or find her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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