Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

Juarez. The red house. "I don't think El Lomo's going to go for it," Chato says as he and Miguel walk into Miguel's office. Miguel snarks that he'll explain it to him slowly. Chato growls that Miguel needs to explain it to him. "We're supposed to trust some pinche chino?" he asks. A maid in a full-on French maid's uniform waltzes past Chato, and he throws her the obligatory sex eye. While Chato puts his eyeballs back in his skull, Miguel's secretary rings him on the intercom and tells him that "Don Zambrono" is there to see him. Miguel rolls his eyes. "Don't worry. I'll back you up," Chato promises. But there's no close-talking or sex eye between the brothers here. How sad to see that they've ironed out the weird incest vibe already.

A younger woman opens the office door to usher in the aforementioned Zambrono: a tall, portly guy in a black cowboy hat walking a dog. He slaps the woman on the ass as she leaves the room. That is so inappropriate! Zambrono and Miguel embrace. Behind them, Chato heads for the bar. "What's with the dog?" Miguel wonders. "Pepino?" Zambrono asks, and explains that he goes everywhere with the pooch. He sits on the sofa and starts digging into a large platter of chips, salsa, and guacamole sitting on the coffee table. Hmm, chips and salsa. "Well, don't let him piss on the carpet. Same goes for you, too," Miguel says, taking a seat. "You're funny," Zambrono says, not very convincingly. Miguel tells Zambrono that Chao wants them to send their half of the goods first. "For the initial shipment, I think we should do it," he adds, mildly. "Is your brother crazy?" Zambrono asks Chato. Chato shrugs languidly. Miguel explains that Chao won't cheat them: he wants their drugs. Zambrono wants to know why they should trust Chao if Chao can't trust them. Chato hands out tequila and explains that they can sell Chao's china white for $100,000 a kilo, up in the United States. "That's twenty million dollars this shipment alone," Miguel explains. Chato thinks it's worth the risk. Zambrono considers this, and finally asks Miguel to tell him something. "And don't lie to me," he says. Miguel just raises a brow. "When you were Thailand, did you eat dog meat?" Zambrono asks. "What?" Miguel asks. Chato just rolls his eyes. "Does he or does he not eat dog meat?" Zambrono repeats. Miguel decides not to dignify this with a response. "Are you putting me in business with some dog-eating Chinamen?" Zambrono asks. Miguel just rolls his eyes and points out that this is a wonderful opportunity to take their business to the global level. He's going to bring Chao to Mexico, he says, and invites Zambrono to stay in "the hotel, as [Miguel's] guest." Oh! It's a hotel! That explains so much! Anyway, Zambrono agrees to this, and finally says that he'll meet with Chao.

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