Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

El Paso. Delia is welcomed back to the DEA with considerably more enthusiasm than in her dream. She chats with her co-workers a bit. One of them drops the tidbit that Rafael Chappa has fled to South American. She's asking if the Mexican government is helping with the investigation when she's called into her boss's office.

Delia's boss is bald, with glasses, and furious. Let's call him Skinner. As soon as Delia walks in, Skinner yells that he's been doing his best to get her fired, but he can't seem to get it done. "I've been there," the Mulder action figure mutters. "The State department wants to sweep this whole thing under the carpet," Skinner grouses. And so he's having her transferred to Houston. Delia sniffs that she can't move to Houston. Her family is here. So is her horse! "Your horse? Flores, if you want to resign, then do so. I'm done thinking about you!" He waves her out of the room. Delia just looks very sad and leaves the office. ["Seriously, though: her horse?" -- Wing Chun]

Miguel's house. Marlene wakes up Joey, who's been sleeping with his stuffed tiger. She notices that he's wet the bed. "Hey, what happened?" she asks gently. Joey puts the covers over his head. Marlene pulls them down, nicely. He covers his little face. Poor baby. "Do you remember having to go to the bathroom last night?" she asks. "No," Joey says. She smiles down at him. "Well, let's get you cleaned up," she says, tousling his hair. He smiles at her. "It was an accident," he tells her. "Baby, I know," Marlene says. Joey plaintively asks her not to tell Miguel. "I won't," Marlene promises him. She notices a picture on his bedside table. "Who is this you drew?" she asks. "Tia Lupita," Joey tells her. Marlene asks him why. "I was just drawing," he chirps. "It's good," Marlene tells him. "Now, go get ready." He scampers off to the bathroom and she gives the picture a very dirty look at sets it down, right in the pee. Nice touch.

Miguel walks into Zambrono's hotel room. "Wild night last night, Mi Lomo?" he asks. "Does it show?" Zambrono asks. "Girl treat you right?" Miguel wonders, as a hooker scampers into the other room. Zambrono chuckles and tells him that he runs a very nice hotel. Hookers plus blow equals a fine lodging establishment! After a moment, Miguel takes a seat and tries to give Zambrono a lesson in cross-cultural business ethics. Zambrono sits opposite him. He's wearing only a t-shirt, boxers, and a pair of boots, which he sets on the coffee table with a thunk. Good luck with that etiquette lesson, Miguel. Miguel tells him to not to wear black to their meeting with Chao, not to show him the bottom of his feet, and, above all else, not to touch him on the head. "Now you're going too far, Miguel. Because whenever I see a Chinese guy, the first thing I want to do is touch his head," Zambrono snarks. That makes two of us, my friend. "I hope you'll agree that what is important is making the deal," Miguel tells him carefully. Zambrono gets up and gargles with some beer. He spits into the ice bucket. Classy! "I just hope he doesn't lick his lips when he sees Pepino," he muses. Miguel tells him quite strongly not to bring the dog to the meeting. Zambrono whines that he brings the dog everywhere. Miguel tells him very firmly to remember how much money they've got riding on this meeting. "Why did we go into business with this chucklehead?" his Mole asks.

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