Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

Dr. Benben and Baldy. Baldy advises him to ease off on the gambling. "No way am I going to be able to raise two million dollars," Dr. Benben muses. "Did you go back to the track last night?" Baldy asks. "Did you lose $12,500?" Apparently, for $200, the betting manager at Dr. Benben's racetrack will tell anyone anything about anyone. "I think this is for the best?" Baldy says. He's one of those guys who sound like he's asking a question every time he makes a statement. "Because I think you have some issues? That need to be dealt with?" Dr. Benben still can't believe that his buddy Nick at the Track sold him out. "Are you hearing me here, Woody?" Baldy asks. Dr. Benben groans that he can't believe Nick is going to cost him $2 million.

Chao and Zambrono meet in Miguel's office. Zambrono complains that he doesn't understand why this is a "two for one" deal. Miguel wonders why they can't just be social for once, and hands everyone a shot of tequila. "I don't understand why we have to put up two kilos of our merca for every single one of yours," Zambrono continues. Chao's all, what's your problem? He turns to Miguel and asks him to explain a few things to his friend. "No, no, you talk to me!" Zambrono interrupts. "I ask the questions! I'm not his friend, I'm his partner." Chao and Miguel exchange perturbed glances. "I have the ships, I have the ports," Zambrono continues. Miguel jumps in and offers to show Chao Mexico's sights. "You're a gracious host, Miguel. I would very much like to see a Mexican cock fight," Chao tells him. I know there's a Chato joke in there, somewhere. Zambrono cuts in and suggests they see a dog fight. "I saw some very wonderful dog fights in Afghanistan recently. The animals tore each other to pieces," Chao retorts cheerfully. "Let's do it," Miguel says. Everyone stands up to get ready to go, and Zambrono starts waxing poetic about all the wonderful Mexican food they can sample during Chao's visit. Chao politely declines. He's brought his own food, he says, because he doesn't want to get diarrhea. Everyone shoots guarded looks at each other, and then Zambrono goes crazy, yelling and heaving and huffing and puffing and he reaches over and gives Chao a noogie! Everyone draws his gun -- Chato and Miguel, their bodyguards, even the guy with the fez in the background. Who is that guy with the fez? "Be calm," Miguel says, and then tells Zambrono very forcefully to leave the office. "Walk away," he yells. And thus, the situation is diffused. Chao looks like he's about ready to pull out some of his dental instruments of torture. If that happens, I am out!

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