Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

Over to Junie's house. He's talking on the phone while his Grandma watches a high-speed chase on television. He sings that he's going out. "Hook up with some friends," he tells her. She tells him not to go and be out all night. He just leans in and kisses her and heads out with his skateboard.

Junie gets off a bus and goes to a pay phone located across from a divey-looking bar. He puts on some gloves and makes a call. "You robbed the wrong people, dog. You gotta pay the price," he announces. The guy on the other end is all, "Who is this?" Junie explains that he's right outside the bar, at a pay phone. "You think you the baddest dude in Houston, but you're wrong about that. Come on out," Junie says. "Bring your boys wit' ya. Let me see how bad you is, for real!" The guy on the phone is all, "So....wait. You want me to come outside?" "Damn straight," June tells him. "So come on out, you punk-ass bitch." With this, Junie puts the phone down and sneaks away toward the alley. Someone peeks out of the bar's double doors.

Shortly thereafter, some guys creep around back of the bar and get into their car, looking scared. They start the car...and Junie slides out from underneath it, on his skateboard. He leaps in front of the car and shoots them all up, gangsta-style.

Over to the Roll X Records studio, where Truck compliments Junie on his bad-ass assassination by giving him a Mercedes. Yeah, his grandma won't suspect anything when he drives up in that. "You do good by me, I do good by you," Truck says, handing Junie the keys. "For real, Truck, this is nice," Junie breathes. I think he's in shock. Truck giggles and pats him on the back and asks him to go around the corner and fetch him a steak sandwich. "Man, I'll get you three steak sandwiches," Junie tells him. "All right, baby boy," Truck says. At this moment, Dr. Benben pulls up in his red Ferrari, and leaps out. Truck hugs him very enthusiastically. Truck is a very charming and well-adjusted drug lord. Dr. Benben explains that he needs a small favor. "Whatever you need, Doc. You changed my life. You just name it," Truck tells him cheerfully. Dr. Benben wants to borrow Junie, he says. Truck nods and tells Junie to do whatever Dr. Benben wants. And, with about six "a'ight"s, Truck takes off. Dr. Benben leans inside the Benz to talk to Junie. Junie's trying out the windshield wipers, and wiper fluid gets all over Dr. Benben's face. He looks put-upon, wipes it off, and asks Junie how he's doing. Junie makes some non-specific happy noises. "I need you to beat somebody up. I'll pay you a thousand dollars. You know where racetrack is?" Dr. Benben asks. Junie leans the driver's seat as far back as it can possibly go. "Who do I got to beat up?" he asks. "Me," Dr. Benben tells him. At this, Junie gets out of the car. "Where are you going?" Dr. Benben asks. "To get a steak sandwich," Junie tells him.

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