Black Magic Woman

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Black Magic Woman

In Houston, Delia sets up housekeeping in the world's most depressing furnished apartment. This must be temporary housing, or she's not getting paid nearly enough at the DEA. She looks around sadly and puts a photo of her horse next to the bed. Girl, you need to get out more.

The next day, Delia's introduced to her new boss, a Mr. Doug Duffy. He immediately puts her to work transcribing wire taps. Poor Delia. Stuck at the desk job. All because her partner got shot and decapitated while she was on the job.

Miguel, Marlene and Chato confab back at the office. "El Lomo has to die," Chato announces. Miguel sighs that he'd like to give Zambrono a chance to make this all right. "He stole a ton and a half of our merca. He has to die," Chato announces. Marlene is surprised by this news, and yelps that she thought the deal was two for one. Miguel informs her that it "became three for one." Marlene looks pissed. "I thought the idea was that we would only risk 500 kilos," she tells him. "I know what the idea was, Marlene," Miguel snaps. "Let's focus on right now," Chato says, playing the marriage counselor. You know your relationship is on the rocks when Chato is the voice of reason. He still thinks they need to rustle up a posse and kill Zambrono. "Chato, that will lead to a blood bath," Miguel says. He still wants to see if Zambrono can get their drugs back before they make a move. "He stole it. Why would he want to give it back?" Chato points out.

Miguel's assistant rings him on the intercom. Lupita is there to see him. At this, Marlene rolls her eyes. "Mickey, you shouldn't have paid any attention to what she said to you," she says. "What does Lupita have to do with this?" Miguel asks. Marlene explains that he pushed this deal when he should have let it go. "And you pushed it because she told you it would turn out bad," Marlene explicates. They stare at each other. Miguel tells his assistant that he has no time for Lupita, but his nutball cousin shoves her way inside anyway. She waves the good-luck necklace at Miguel. "You have to take this! It's not too late!" she yelps at him. Miguel repeats that he doesn't need her good-luck charms. "You need me by your side, Miguel," she repeats, reminding him that her vision came to pass. "Hell, no," Marlene breathes. Chato tells his cousin that they don't need her. She looks frustrated. "One day, you will want to come back to me, Miguel," she announces. "I hope by then it's not too late." She gives them all the Patented Lupita Look of Death (Cousin to the Chato Sex Eye). "Get on your broomstick, and go." Marlene tells her. Lupita laughs. "Tell Joey not to be afraid," she says, tossing the necklace in the air, catching it, and stomping away.

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