Blood in the Water

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Math and Aftermath
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After being told (and realizing for himself) last week that he needs to get his shit together, Mike starts this week's episode by disposing of the pot on his coffee table with his vacuum cleaner. Now get rid of that ridiculous canister job and you'll be on your way, buddy. For now, he's just on his way to the office.

Harvey gets off the elevator to find Donna waiting, wondering when they'll take Hardman's name off the side. On the way to his office, Donna tries to get some banter going about his weekend with Zoe, but his perfunctory "fine" and the fact that he's in right on time tells her that it never even happened. She's all ready to console him with ice cream, but he wants to get right to work, so she tells him about his 8:02 with Trent Devin. "I didn't meet you at the elevators just to chat about your weekend." Harvey asks for Mike, and is pretty pissed off when he finds out that he's not in yet. That cool exterior held up for about three seconds.

In Harvey's office, he's trying to calm down Trent Devin, supposedly a web entrepreneur who looks more like an Eddie Bauer model. Trent is acting nervous about going public and something about new Title XVI requirements, but Harvey manages to ferret out that his real concerns have to do with the firm and what it's just gone through. In fact, he's considering new representation.

Meanwhile, Jessica walks into Louis's office and says another client has a foot out the door. She quickly senses his pissy attitude toward her, and he complains about the offer he had to rescind due to the alleged "firm-wide hiring freeze" right before she hired someone else, so she went back on her word. Jessica points out that she also gave him his word that there would be no coming back from his vote for Hardman, but she's willing to let that go in order to launch the "Louis Litt Rehabilitation Program," which consists of Louis not letting clients leave. Louis promises to take care of it.

Down in the file room, Louis confronts Harold on how he's blowing things with the client in question and tells him exactly how he's going to fix it. Which involves "Louis Litt does not lose clients. Is that clear?" No, he just loses his shit.

Mike delivers Donna a coffee, a gesture so thoughtful that is makes her suspicious as he breezes on into Harvey's office. Harvey gives Mike some attitude about showing up at 8:30, and when Mike says the Title XVI thing isn't an issue, that doesn't improve Harvey's mood given that Mike could have told the nervous client this, had he but been there when he was supposed to be. "Did you not hear me when I told you to get your shit together?" he yells. Mike tells Harvey to ease up, which is never a good idea, even when you're talking to people who aren't Harvey. Indeed, Harvey yells that his clients are leaving. "People don't leave me!" So I think we know what's actually bothering Harvey. Not that Mike realizes this, as Harvey says he should have fired Mike last week, and also now, and also tomorrow. I guess we can safely assume that he's no longer cutting Mike slack over his grandmother. Because Harvey also says that.

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