Blood in the Water

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Math and Aftermath

At night, Donna goes into Harvey's office and takes him to task for the whole "People don't leave me" thing and the way Harvey reamed Mike out. She asks what happened with Zoe, and Harvey explains about the dying brother and the niece Zoe will be raising. Donna's sympathetic, but points out, "I don't think kicking the dog is going to help."

Mike's at a bar when Jimmy, the associate who framed Rachel for his own betrayal of the firm last season, shows up and wants to buy Mike a drink. He now appreciates Mike giving him an out at the time. He wonders what's bothering Mike, and Mike tells him about getting yelled at for showing up at 8:30. Jimmy assumes it was by Louis until Mike sets him straight. Jimmy tells him how happy he is at a different firm in town called Bratton Gould, with an office and everything, and is willing to put in a word for Mike. Who says he can't leave Harvey. "What's he done for you?" Jimmy scoffs, and Mike answers, "More than you know." Jimmy accepts that, but also lets slip that other associates from Pearson Hardman might be following him to the new firm.

Mike goes straight to Harvey's apartment and tells him he was offered a job, but wants to keep the one he already has. "Apology accepted," Harvey says grudgingly, letting him in. Mike tells Harvey what he heard: Bratton Gould is after their associates and clients. They both think Allison Holt -- the character played by Diane Neal in a previous episode, who apparently now works at Bratton Gould -- is behind it. After all, Daniel Hardman was the one who brought her in over the summer in the first place.

The next morning, Jessica and Harvey are at the firm, and there's Allison Holt, meeting them on what I hope for her sake is a floor that's being renovated for the firm to occupy, otherwise this is a very depressing workspace. They get right to the point, as Jessica asks Allison if Hardman put her up to the poaching that her new firm's been doing. They happen to know she met with him six days ago, and Jessica says they're filing a complaint. She's not intimidated, even when Harvey name-drops his client Michael Jordan. Again. "Pearson Hardman is falling apart," Allison says. Okay, good meeting.

Louis storms angrily into Rachel's office demanding the new signed contracts for his client in crisis, and when Rachel says they told her they aren't a client any more, he goes off after Harold, loaded for bear. Rachel scampers after him as best she can given the way she dresses, saying it wasn't Harold's fault. Down in the associate's bullpen, Mike is admiring Harold's new tattoo behind his shirt collar (though Harold has to clarify that it's a shark, not a manatee) when Louis storms up and fires Harold in front of everyone, including Rachel. He announces that there's no room at the firm for mistakes, and no place for Harold.

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