Blood in the Water

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Math and Aftermath

Harvey tells him what happens now: "You and I, we're done. Don't drop by my office. Don't ask Donna for information. You're the guy that nobody wants but we can't get rid of." Louis reminds him that he's senior partner. Harvey concedes that he can't make Louis leave -- which he kind of already said, once "But as far as I'm concerned, you don't even work here any more." And then he dumps out the pencil cup that he unaccountably left standing. Harvey clearly has a surprising amount of practice at angry desk-clearing.

After the ads, Allison meets Louis at a fancy bar. He accuses her of cherry-picking their best associates, and asks why she doesn't want him, the guy who trained them. That would be because she doesn't trust Louis, figuring Harvey sent him. Louis points out Harvey doesn't trust him, and she knows that Hardman doesn't either, blaming his downfall on Louis's betrayal. Louis maintains his loyalty. "I'm leaving Pearson Hardman because there's no room for me there any more." He even insists that Jessica will waive his non-compete clause to get rid of him. "Harvey wants me gone and he has a way of getting what he wants, so..." Way to pitch yourself there, Louis. Allison allows that there might be a partnership position. Louis wants senior partner, and she tells him he needs to earn it. He insists he did, but she says he's got no leverage -- because he basically just told her exactly how screwed he is -- and he's going to have to prove himself to Bratton Gould. He doesn't want to do whatever she's suggesting, but she promises that if he comes over to them, he'll be "truly valued." And together they can, presumably, rule the galaxy.

Mike comes into Harvey's office with a new theory on why Trent Devin is talking to Allison but not Harvey -- there's some technical mumbo-jumbo, the offshoot of which is that Alison's offering to help the Trent's company get bought up by a bigger company and have Trent put in charge of both of them. Harvey says it's too good to be true and they can't beat that deal, but when Mike asks what they can do, Harvey's answer is to lead Mike all the way over to Devin's rooftop apartment.Once there, Harvey confronts Devin and advises him to... take the deal and hire the lawyer who brought it to him, meaning Allison. Devin thinks the meeting's over, until Harvey Colombos that maybe there's something in it for Alison. Harvey convinces Devin to let him look over the deal himself to find out.

Louis comes to Jessica and asks to be let out of his non-compete so he can go to Bratton Gould. Jessica wonders what Allison offered him, and he says he went to her. "I got Harvey's message," he explains. Jessica doesn't know what Louis is talking about, but Louis says it doesn't matter -- it's what Harvey wants. Jessica warns Louis that he can't take any clients with him, as if Louis would. "I have no desire to hit our firm," Louis assures her tellingly before correcting himself, "Your firm." Jessica brings up the Louis Litt Rehabilitation Program she mentioned earlier, and why she started it: "I was seduced by Daniel Hardman once too. He made me feel special and smart and valued. The problem was he really didn't give a shit about me. But I will give him one thing: he was right about you. You deserve a senior partnership." Louis looks gobsmacked as Jessica says she's letting him go, although she doesn't want to. Okay, she must want to a little, or else she wouldn't.

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