Blood in the Water

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Math and Aftermath

When Harvey's town car drops Mike off at the firm later that night, Mike pauses before going inside and asks Harvey what he's up to. Harvey's playing it close, but says it's going to be Mike's job to find out why the deal is too good to be true before riding off. Walking to the door, Mike is jumped by a guy who looks like a poor man's Trevor, but is in fact Tess's husband. Who is apparently some kind of idiot for thinking that lawyers show up at their offices at night instead of in the morning. Never mind the fact that he's right in this case. Mike apologizes and says it's over, but gets a quick and efficient beatdown nonetheless.

Upstairs, Louis walks into Jessica's empty office and leaves what I assume is his resignation letter on her desk. He walks away from it as though from a loved one's grave, and carries a single file box of his belongings to the elevator. But he seems to forget his own problems when Mike steps off a car all bloody and Louis takes him to the men's room to administer first aid. Apparently he has some experience patching up his late cat after the occasional scrap. Louis again asks Mike what happened, and Mike pretends it was an anonymous attack, not fooling Louis for a second. "Let's just say that actions have consequences," Mike dodges. Mike brings up the box Louis was carrying, and Louis lobs Mike's little proverb back at him. "Jessica fired you," Mike guesses. Louis corrects him, saying Jessica asked him to stay, "Because she knows I would never sell out this firm." Mike's a little slow on the uptake, so Louis points out that Harvey hates him now. Mike figures Harvey has always hated him, but Louis says they used to be more like Sam and Ralph from the cartoons, spending the day trying to kill each other and then punching out at the end of the day. Louis tells Mike, "Harvey's not punching out any more." Well, he nearly punched out Louis, who says he can't work next to someone who despises him. Mike suggests Louis might be able to redeem himself, and asks for Louis's help with some merger projections for Harvey. Something tells me Harvey won't be impressed.

In the morning, Jessica finds Harvey at his desk, cheerfully talking about his plans to destroy Allison Holt. Jessica is less cheerful, what with the resignation letter from Louis that she shows him. "Good!" Harvey chirps, but Jessica disagrees. Harvey insists that Louis has betrayed them and the firm and they're better off. "If you really believe that then something's got you off your game," Jessica says incisively. She's pissed at Harvey for going around her after she tried to bring Louis back, and asks when it ends. When you finally fire his insubordinate ass, maybe?

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