Blood in the Water

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Math and Aftermath

Harvey returns to the firm, doing a slow, thoughtful double-take at the big Pearson Hardman on the wall of the elevator lobby. In Jessica's office, she purrs approvingly over his retaining one client and bringing in another at one stroke, and he mentions that Allison Holt tried to poach him too. "What could possibly go wrong?" Jessica snarks. Harvey assures her that he's staying and so is Mike, but he wants his name on the door. "I don't want to end around you any more. I want to discuss things with you. As an equal." And then do what he wants anyway, presumably. Jessica thinks it's a little late, but Harvey repeats Donna's question from the beginning of the episode about why Hardman's name is still on the wall, and warns Jessica that people are coming after them and they need to send a message that they're whole. Jessica refuses to "slap someone else's name up there." He says he isn't someone, and Jessica seems to agree: "Last week, you had me steal someone from the D.A.'s office for reasons you won't say. We won't even go into what you did to Louis. And then there's the cherry on top [Mike], who showed up this morning beaten to a pulp." Harvey points out that Mike beat Hardman to a pulp, but Jessica maintains, "One day, what he is isn't going to make up for what he isn't." Harvey wonders if Jessica feels the same way about him.

Jessica pivots again, asking Harvey Michael Jordan's win-loss record when he played with the Bulls (664-285, according to Harvey). Jessica says that ratio reversed when Jordan was in the front office, which Harvey realizes she knows because she knew Harvey would come in here one day wanting this. "Because I look at the future like an adult," she corrects. Harvey asks if she's telling him no, and she says she's not rushing her decision. Then she adds that he was wrong about something. He can't exactly argue it when she's questioning his maturity here, but you can tell he really wants to.

Mike encounters Rachel on her way out for the day and lets her know that... Harold got hired elsewhere. There's of course the elephant in the room in the form of the mouse under his eye, so she says, "He found out, didn't he?" Mike says he wants her to know that it happened after he dumped Tess. "I want you to know," Rachel says gently, "that I just don't give a shit." Well, good for her.

Harvey comes into Louis's office, which he's still packing up. Louis looks at him in apprehensive confusion. Without a word, Harvey slowly takes Louis's resignation letter out of his pocket and rips it in half, then walks out, still saying nothing. Louis leans against his file cabinet in relief. Harvey clearly came in there for some punching out, but he did the right kind.

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